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I watched Theo Fleury being interviewed on Global’s Morning Show today, and he talked abut his new life purpose.  I read his earlier book describing his life as a hockey player and disclosing sexual abuse.  It was called Playing with Fire and was a huge wake-up call for readers – and the whole country.  Now he has written another one, which I didn’t get the name of, but one can find it easily by googling him.  However, in the interview he said that now he has a new life purpose: to tell his story.  He believes by telling his story that others will learn and be encouraged to share theirs.  I think he is right.  That is a purpose for each of us.  I think about my book Your Invisible Bodies: a reference for children and adults about human energy fields.  I am frustrated that the website for that book has a virus and I haven’t yet been able to remove it.  However, this website still works, so here are my thoughts about telling my story.

I wrote that book to explain to children how Healing Touch, and energy healing generally, works.  In it I incorporated everything I’ve learned in my 70 years, including child & adult development, school guidance theory, energy healing, feminism, and Christian theology.  It is a wide-eyed book, and after it was published, I felt that I had fulfilled my purpose.  I told my story.  Funnily enough, even though I attend Knox United Church in Calgary, AB, I don’t call myself a Christian.  Too loaded a term, I think.  However, it is a child-centered book, and I’m happy for that.  I tell children to trust themselves, and to learn from their experience, and to be open to learning new discoveries.  Learning goes on all our lifetimes!

I am grateful to Theo Fleury for telling his story, and encouraging other people to speak up about their own experiences. I think he speaks for all of us when he says his purpose now is to tell his story.  He has been a professional hockey player, an advocate for children, and now is a healer and author.  Thanks be to Theo.  Thanks be to truth.  Thanks be to the wondrous spirit of newness that comes with sharing with another our personal truths.



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I just watched the first of three free videos by Greg Habstritt, about becoming a successful entrepreneur.  I felt at first that it wasn’t relevant to me, because I am a writer not an entrepreneur.  However, because I self-published my book I was forced to learn about marketing and business.  I wondered if watching his video wasn’t just yet another distraction to keep me from working on my novel.  I could have turned it off, especially as it was half-way before he said anything pertinent to me.

The difference with successful entrepreneurs is that they are the Trusted Authority, and he cited Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs as examples.  More importantly, he stated that People don’t want information, they want transformation. He also emphasized that Steve Jobs success, and Apple’s success, is that they figured out how to make people’s lives simpler.  The user-friendly approach that Apple consistently offers helps to transform people’s lives.  The Apple approach is Make It Simple.  As I listened to that, I realize that the strength of my book is that it is SIMPLE.  That’s the word most readers have used when giving me feedback.  So that is what I shall emphasize in the next marketing strategy.

I’ll be meeting with Lisa Arsenault next week to review the changes to the pictures in Your Invisible Bodies.  She has added colour to the drawings. We decided to do that since we have to pay colour rates for the whole book because three pages must be in colour.  These are two colour pages of my aura and the photograph of the Fairystone Geode.  The digital colouring  has slowed the process, but it is okay.  The third printing will happen when it happens.  I choose to not stress over a release date.

Once the third printing has occurred, I’ll look at marketing.  The word SIMPLE will be in the branding.

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After Global Surveys phoned me this morning to say the city didn’t authorize compliance with my buildings, I did a little research.  It appears that the two half-sheds that house my garden supplies and my bicycle and patio furniture is too close to the property line.  Well, I knew that of course, because when Lois, Les and I built those sheds, we knew it was too close.  We chose to do it anyway, thinking that when I sold the house, we would deal with the problem then.  

The garden sheds were made up of two halves of an old metal storage shed.  It took the three of us two days to create the sheds, which abutted the side of the carport.  They have served me very well for the past 12 years.  The city department told me I had 2 choices: remove the lean-to, or apply for a development permit and go through the process of re-surveying, etc.  I decided to tear it down.  At 11:00 a.m. I dressed in my work clothes, gathered screw drivers, hammer and pry bar, and headed to the carport.  I was just to start when my neighbour Paul walked down the lane, on his way to work out at the gym.  We greeted each other, I explained I was moving, and my goal was to tear down the sheds.  What a sweetie he has turned out to be!  He passed on going to the gym, went back to his place and returned with a power drill with a reversible action, plus many more tools. 

I must be guided by someone or something pretty powerful, because Paul worked with me for over three hours.  He persevered through rusty screws, nuts and bolts, and even cleared the snow off the roof that covered the middle alcove between the sheds.  I realized quite quickly that I would not have been able to do this myself.  I would have become super frustrated.  Here was this sweet man – strong and fit and owning all the necessary tools!  He took a few items for his own garden, but I owe him bigtime. 

When I tackle the second shed on Saturday, I’ll know the necessary sequence.  If he can help again, all the better.  What do you give a neighbour who helps out spontaneously?  I suggested a gift certificate to his favourite restaurant, but he seemed hesitant.  I’ll ask his wife. 

Spirit, thank you so much for sending me outside at the exact moment Paul would be walking down the lane.  I truly am guided in this move, and all the preparation for it.

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