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Both halves of the garden shed are gone.  When I went outdoors to start dismantling the second one on Friday, I worked for an hour without a reversible drill.  I got the facing panels off, then decided to photograph it and advertise it for FREE on Kijiji.  Am I ever glad I did that!  Within an hour I had Ken over here, with his reversible drill and his pickup truck.  He took apart the sections in the first shed, that I thought I would need to get taken away by Got Junk.  Ken wanted both sheds, as his wife told him to get busy fixing up their sheds.  He worked hard, and I kept myself busy helping, then chipping away the ice frozen on the garage floor.  Outdoors for 6 hours, and I left Ken dismantling the second half on his own while I went out for dinner.

Today I’ve been packing up more books and music, plus sorting books, DVDs and CDs into Garage Sale, Discard, or Take.  I have a Big Steel Box arriving on Wednesday, so I can load everything that’s packed into it, then they will store it at their yard, and deliver it to my condo (once I buy it).  This seems like a really good way to do the job.  I’ve been very focused the last few days, and have packed over a dozen boxes.   However, the big downer just happened.

I have a box of about 35 trays of 35mm slides, taken over 15 years, from 1959 – 1974.  I chose to take slides instead of photographs, because they were cheaper to develop.  Some years ago I converted many of them into videos called Childhood Memories, making 3 copies.  One went to daughter Lynne, another to son Bob, and I kept the third one.  They are the best of the slides taken while the kids were growing up.  I still have that video, and I even have a VCR to play it on.  What to do with the rest of them?

They are ready for the landfill.  I read the labels as I put the trays  in a garbage bag.  There went Fontainebleu, Venice, and Ireland. Following trays were Dachau, Co Down, Edinburgh, and the Tower of London. Other trays were labelled Grade Nine grad, Sports Day,  and Moorecroft Camp. Later came Frieda Lake, Powell River, Victoria, Savary, and The National Hockey Championship.  That was a great year, for the Powell River Regals won the Canadian championship for Senior B Hockey.  They defeated a team from Quebec, and the whole town celebrated for days. 

It’s hard to know why I have kept them for so long.  Since I moved here in 1986, I only looked at them when I wanted to make the Childhood Memories videos for Bob and Lynne, and one other time when a niece contacted me to see if I had any photographs of her and her father.  I was able to remember the summer weekend when I visited her and my cousins in Comox.  I found the slides, fairly quickly, and made photographs to mail to her.  I know she appreciated them very much, as she was adopted and had moved around a great deal.  I was glad to give her a piece of her 9-year-old life, recorded by my camera.

Well, now they are gone – or will be when the garbage truck comes on Wednesday.  I had to record this.  I have to mark these transitions, and these losses. I feel sad about moving and needing to sort, pack, discard and let go.  It would be easier to stay in my home until I die here and let my kids throw out the detritus of years.  It should not be their job.  My photos are my responsibility. 

Besides, I’m ready to sell my house this spring.  I’m tired of all the yard work.  I like my flower beds, and don’t even mind mowing the lawn.  But maintaining a house and yard takes time, energy and money.  I feel better now that I’ve recorded my feelings.  Now I can go back to work.

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