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On Saturday, October 13, the CalgaryAuthors.com group will be hosting a book fair and readings called Up Close and Spiritual.  It will be held at the Clubhouse of my condo complex, Indian Bluffs, at 2200 Patterson View SW in Calgary.  It is invitation only, but we are spreading the word far and wide to friends, booksellers, and book reviewers.  Seven of us will be reading:  Beth Castle, Helena Kalivoda, Cristy Hayden, Sharon Carne, Jeanne Watier, Roger Joyeux, Kathy Briant, and myself.  We had hoped that Tina Thrussell and Neil Thrussell would also read but they have a family wedding to attend.  You can find out about our books at http://www.calgaryauthors.com and see the invitation at http://www.calgaryauthors.com/events.php

Several of the books featured have won awards, and each author will read a short excerpt, then answer questions from our guests.  This is a free event, with food and short healing treatments.  People will be able to engage all the authors in a bookfair atmosphere, as we display our books and talk about our passions.  When we have offered this format at libraries and bookstores, the conversations have been fascinating and enlightening!  Questions range from “how did you get your inspiration?” to “how can I write and publish my book?” with a wide sharing of beliefs and experiences in between.  For anyone who has thought, “I should write a book” or better yet, “I could write a book”, this is a great chance to talk with people who have followed that urge.

Our spiritual lives are  usually the most private and intimate parts of ourselves.  Attending Up Close & Spiritual will give you the chance to encounter other people who have dared to express their spirituality authentically.  Our lessons come from deep-felt experiences, and we are open to share.  We make ourselves vulnerable through writing and publishing our books, and it is okay.  It is who we are.  Come meet us, and be received as a bearer of your own story, and your own life.


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