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I have a Big Steel Box in front of my house, waiting to be loaded.  It is an 8×10′ steel container, that will be picked up by Big Steel Box on March 28, taken to their yard to store for the duration of my sale, and then delivered to my new place when I move in.  My son Bob told me about this possibility, but I didn’t think I would move my house with them because at my age and health, I’m not strong enough to do all the loading and unloading.  However, I can do a lot of packing and carrying for short distances.  When I realized that photographs of my home would look terrible with all the boxes and paintings leaning up against the walls, I ordered the Big Steel Box to store my stuff.  Photographs will be taken on March 29. 

I am getting stronger and even losing a few pounds.  My arms and back aren’t as sore now as the first few days of loading and moving.  I have about 18 boxes ready to go, and another 4 larger boxes of garage sale items.  The recycling bin was overflowing yesterday, as it has most weeks since November.  I feel somewhat embarassed that it’s taken me so long to clean out old files, discard magazines I kept ‘for reference’, and throw out unviewed slides.  My place is looking cleaner and emptier every day!  Yesterday I sorted through more books, and took a small box of spiritual books to Our Angels Centre for Well-Being.  They have a used book shelf, of good books on spiritual themes.  I don’t need to take all my books with me.  I’m nostalgic about a few and may re-read some again as I offer more workshops.  However, customers at Our Angels will be quite happy to pick up spiritual guides at  low prices.

I have worked steadily the last three days, as well as proofing the latest files from my graphic designer, Kathy Lycka.  The book is getting much closer to a third printing.  About time.  I have only 19 copies left, and am meeting with a group at Wild Rose United Church on Sunday.  There we will talk about how young children express their spirituality, and how we as parents and grandparents can nurture that.  I’m really looking forward to meeting with the parents.  I expect to learn a lot from them!

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