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What a great book I signed out of the library last week!  ‘The Next Queen of Heaven’ is written by Gregory Maguire, the genius who wrote ‘Wicked’ and its sequels.  Since I’ve read two of his books already, it was easy to add this one to my stack.  It is not part of the Wicked series, but a stand-alone fictional novel.  Comedic, with very realistic and hilarious characters, and Maguire’s wry take on the idiocies of life.  It kept me page-turning during two days, and I was a wee bit late for Christmas dinner because I had to finish the book.  Maguire writes of a lustfully energetic teenaged girl, three gay singers, an appalling brother, nuns both old and younger, a youngest brother who loves to sing show tunes, a screwball mother who becomes even screwier after a fall and being hit on the head by a Catholic statue, and neighbouring pastor and priest.  Lots of scope in this delightful romp, set in a small town in upper New York state.  Jeremy really wants to leave Thebes!  The story has just enough human pathos and sensitivity to remind me of depth and passion, and I laughed out loud throughout the book.  This was a totally satisfying read.  Sign it out of the library, or buy it and start it on rounds among your reader friends.  I plan to do that myself.

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