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Back to Writing

I was surprised to see I hadn’t written anything in my blog for two months.  I have been learning to post to my other website http://www.yourinvisiblebodies.com instead of writing here.  Because Lisa Francis updated that website to a new host, I have had to learn new procedures to write posts.  I am happy with the outcome, but it has taken a while.  Now that I’m here, I don’t know where to begin.  I have begun writing again. I am working on a one-woman play, a monologue from a woman who has recently retired.  I call it Mona, for now at least.  That has been fun to write, but also emotionally challenging.  The bards say “write what you know” so I have done so, but I also added “what you imagine” to the script.  Time will tell if it is accepted for the Knox Just Acts Play Festival in February 2013.

At the Kerby Centre this morning, after my exercise class, I told a colleague what the theme of the play is: a recently retired woman wondering what her purpose was in life.  She grinned mischievously, “Yes, I’ve heard there are people like that.”  She has probably been retired for at least 15 years, but shows no signs of being purposeless.  There is a lot of wisdom among senior women.  I look forward to our coffee conversations after exercise class as much as I do the aerobics!  Life is good indeed!


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Much Ado About Nothing

Went to Theatre Calgary’s production of Much Ado About Nothing yesterday.  It was wonderful!  The set of a vineyard in Messina, Italy was colourful, rich, and terraced.  It rotated to show different scenes.  The roles of Beatrice and Benedict were superbly acted, and I totally got into the story and the fun.  It’s on for another week, so you folks in Calgary can still attend.  Enjoy!

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