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I watched Theo Fleury being interviewed on Global’s Morning Show today, and he talked abut his new life purpose.  I read his earlier book describing his life as a hockey player and disclosing sexual abuse.  It was called Playing with Fire and was a huge wake-up call for readers – and the whole country.  Now he has written another one, which I didn’t get the name of, but one can find it easily by googling him.  However, in the interview he said that now he has a new life purpose: to tell his story.  He believes by telling his story that others will learn and be encouraged to share theirs.  I think he is right.  That is a purpose for each of us.  I think about my book Your Invisible Bodies: a reference for children and adults about human energy fields.  I am frustrated that the website for that book has a virus and I haven’t yet been able to remove it.  However, this website still works, so here are my thoughts about telling my story.

I wrote that book to explain to children how Healing Touch, and energy healing generally, works.  In it I incorporated everything I’ve learned in my 70 years, including child & adult development, school guidance theory, energy healing, feminism, and Christian theology.  It is a wide-eyed book, and after it was published, I felt that I had fulfilled my purpose.  I told my story.  Funnily enough, even though I attend Knox United Church in Calgary, AB, I don’t call myself a Christian.  Too loaded a term, I think.  However, it is a child-centered book, and I’m happy for that.  I tell children to trust themselves, and to learn from their experience, and to be open to learning new discoveries.  Learning goes on all our lifetimes!

I am grateful to Theo Fleury for telling his story, and encouraging other people to speak up about their own experiences. I think he speaks for all of us when he says his purpose now is to tell his story.  He has been a professional hockey player, an advocate for children, and now is a healer and author.  Thanks be to Theo.  Thanks be to truth.  Thanks be to the wondrous spirit of newness that comes with sharing with another our personal truths.




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Since writing the last post about using Social Media, I have become more diligent at going to my Facebook page, plus my three writing groups on Linked-In, and occasionally my Twitter account.  I prefer to just post websites and emails that I find relevant, and want to publicize.  Writing a blog requires more thought and time.  I’ve spent time working on my novel this past month, which is very satisfying.  When I went to Kelowna to stay for a week with my son’s family, I worked on my book while Ben was at Kindergarten.  That got me going again, and I’m enjoying the re-writes.  Feedback from a few friends advised me to try changing parts to third person POV, so I’m revising it extensively.  I managed to take time yesterday morning before a friend arrived for coffee, and completed 10 pages!  So I can do it; I just have to stay focussed.

Last Sunday I attended the Seed Event at the Convention Centre in Calgary.  It was wonderful.  Eight different speakers presented their knowledge and unique perspective on how we can prepare for living in the future. Sequoyah Trueblook opened the proceedings with prayer and chants.  David Wolfe shared tons of valuable information on nutrition, which led to long line-ups during the break for reishi & chaga mushrooms, chocolate, and healthy drinks.  AnneMarie Collette talked about her Peace Education curriculum in her classroom and district in New Brunswick.  Hon. Manmeet Bhullar talked about Truth in Politics, sharing his own journey of service which has led him to become one of our province’s youngest and most outspoken MLAs.  Elisabeth Fayt moved me deeply with her stories of Spiritual Leadership: At Work and in the World.  Gerald Celente amused me with his Bronx accent and blunt opinions about economic and political trends.  After the dinner break, Adam Dreamhealer guided all of us as we learned more about spiritual and energetic healing.  Then Deepak Chopra ended the day with an inspiring talk.  What amazed me about all these speakers was their ability to talk 30-120 minutes without referring to notes, keeping the audience of >2000 awake and alert.  Well, almost alert.  The guided meditations that Adam and Deepak led were wonderful, but I had difficulty opening my eyes after Deepak’s.  I’ll go on-line to www.uend.org to see if the podcast of Deepak’s talk is ready to download.

Thank you to the people involved at uend.org for organizing and delivering such a superb day.  I hope you receive many visits to your site and that your donations to end poverty worldwide get a big boost.  My mind and heart are expanded since participating in this event.  It’s all good.

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I received this prayer from Healing Touch Calgary, and have forwarded it to some people already.  However, this morning as I looked at the cold snow falling outside, I wished this was going to Japan, all on the nuclear reactors at Fukushima.  The intent is to send cold blue energy to cool down the reactors.  These are Masaru Emoto’s words:

Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows.

  Please say the following phrase:
“The water of Fusushima Nuclear Plant,
We are sorry to make you suffer.
Please forgive us.  We thank you and we love you.”

Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer. Thank you very much from my heart.

Subject:    Cooling icey blue energy for the Japan nuclear reactors 
Send ICY BLUE, COLD energy to those four reactors & the nuclear waste.  Set your intent that the molecules from the nuclear reactions in all four reactors, slow down & cool down.
We  DO  have the power to extend our energies — let’s use it.

You may feel helpless watching this catastrophe unfolding and are trying to make sense of the carnage and destruction. Here is something you can do.   The above message  (in blue)  comes straight through from the “other side:”

SEE in your mind’s eye the reactors changing from red hot to blue. SEE molecules moving at the speed of light and generating tremendous heat ,  slow down to a snail’s pace. As those molecules slow down, and the reactions of the nuclear cores and the nuclear waste are slowed down, it will stop explosions and massive planetary destruction.    And before you sleep;  wake up or go to work, ask a contingent of spirit guides to go run the the energy through those reactors too.

Know that the energies coming in collectively from all over the planet can help cool down the reactors.  Keep in mind that if you focus on the heat and the disaster and the fear, you feed the fires, and you feed the heat.  


With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto 
Messenger of Water


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Our Bodies As Energy 101

A course on energetic healing for beginners. 

 Sat., March 12, 2011, 9:30 – 4:30

Knox United Church – 506 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB

Early Registration price $40.  After Feb. 28, $50. 

Sponsored by Knox Centre.

Experience activities and discussion about human energy fields.

Sense your invisible bodies, which house your feelings, thoughts and soul.

Learn how to explain spirituality to your children. 

Lunch with vegan options included.

Register at shmontgo@telus.net or phone 403-246-2508

See also www.yourinvisiblebodies.com

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I will be presenting a four-hour workshop on Sunday Jan. 16, 2011 at Self Connection bookstore in Bowness. 


We will: 

  • Experience activities and discussion about human energy fields
  • Intended audience: adults who live or work with children
  • Curious adults are also welcome at this primer to energetic healing
  • Discuss ways to care for your invisible bodies, which house your feelings, thoughts and soul
  • Practice listening to the magic and power of your child’s voice

 Phone me at 403-246-2508 or email me at shmontgo@telus.net to register.

The cost is $30 and $45 for couples. 

Pre-register by Jan. 10, 2011.  Class size is limited.


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 I have been listening to Caroline Myss’ Chakra Meditation Music while doing my Tai Chi Chih set in the morning.  My morning routine consists of waking, petting the cat, bathroom necessities, and an ounce of YJuice.   That tasty tonic wakes me up the rest of the way, so I press play on the CD and start my Tai Chi warm-ups.  The CD contains both morning and evening meditations.  I haven’t listened to the evening one yet, but I was delighted to discover that the length of the meditation (30 minutes) fits my Tai Chi Chih set precisely.  Through listening to this music by Stevin McNamara, the long tones and notes pervade my being from the outside, as my movements rouse all parts of my body.  I am more in tune now with both earth and universal energy.  The music has enhanced my sensitivity to energy so that I am aware of pulses, throbs, and tingling.  My whole body is awake, alive and full.  This energy increases even more when I pay attention to my intake and out breaths.  I end the set balanced, calm and energized.  I press the Stop button on the CD player, and know that I’m ready for whatever the day brings.  It’s all good.

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In the June issue of the United Church Observer, three articles ask what direction we are going.  Dwindling congregations in size and number prompt concern for the future.  Lois Wilson, former United Church moderator, World Council of Churches president, and present Senator, asks in an interview “Are we still promoting the spirituality of enegagement?  I don’t think we are.” 

I have written a letter to the Observer editor about the engagement I have at Knox United Church, as a member of the Healing Touch team.  There are eight of us in the team, participating in two meetings monthly to practice and to give and receive treatments.  We give treatments to people within (and sometimes without) our congregation upon request.  Usually the treatments happen twice a month, before or after church.  This practice is our ministry.  Participating in the group for the past decade has supported my own growth and maintained my health.  At first many people were skeptical and we had few requests.   One year  requests for treatments were so low that we joked we mostly helped ourselves (broken bones, bad backs, flu, cancer treatments, heart problems, stress)!  Now we get regular requests, and during healing services about two-thirds of the congregation go to stations to receive anointing and a blessing. Pre and post-surgery treatments enable faster healing, as several articles in the church newsletter attest.  Anyone who wishes to learn how to give a Healing Touch treatment can do so, by signing up for an introductory course.  It’s not magic, but it is mysterious. 

Healing Touch engages the body, heart, mind and soul.  Healing Touch is based on Jesus, firmly rooted in his teachings and example.  We allow ourselves to be channels of healing love, and Spirit does the rest. 

There is no need for the United Church to dwindle and become irrelevant.  It’s important to meet peoples’ needs where they are.  At Knox we also have a superb adult education program through Knox Centre.  It feeds the mind and soul with workshops, classes, discussion, films, book reviews, and international lecturers.  Healing Touch addresses needs of body and heart, complementing the intellectual approach of Knox Centre.  Our church uses both.  We engage people, and we continue to attract and keep newcomers both young and old.

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My new power totem

While dozing in the hammock on the deck of Unit 9, Hotel Arigalan, Mazunte Beach, Mexico, I opened my eyes at the sound of chirping and skittering.  Tucked into the eaves above me  a creature looked at me.  It’s head  was like a snake’s, if a  large one.  Then it crawled below the ridge of the wall and curled sideways. It’s fat short legs ended in long splayed toes,  so I decided it was an iguana.  Too big for a gecko, the other creature that frequents the area.   It scrambled along the ridge toward the sunlit opening, it’s little feet  gripping the cement.  A few feet behind it, a larger iguana crept out onto the ledge and followed it avariciously.  It was twice the size, with sharp frills raised on its spine. I tensed.  Was this little one prey?  Would it kill it?   Surely it wouldn’t kill and eat something that large.  What do iguanas eat anyway?

The larger one sped up and grabbed the smaller one by the neck.  It mounted it and held its shoulder skin securely in sharp teeth while it struggled.  This large one with the spikes  was rough-skinned and dragon-like.  I watched the little one try to escape, but then it acquiesced.  Oh, they are mating, I realized.  The little one, obviously a female, shuddered in the grasp of the much larger male.  They both seemed aware of me watching them, as most creatures do when observed.  They freeze to try not to be noticed.  However, when I didn’t move to interfere, sexual urgency triumphed over fear and they continued his design.  The female shuddered then quietened, and after several minutes they separated.  The male moved into the sun streaming through the top corner, turned and looked at me.   Both creatures watched me, obviously concluding I was not a threat. They stayed still while I got my camera out of the room to take pictures, including the above one.

The next afternoon I was once again ensconced in the hammock, it being too hot (38 degrees C) to be in the sun.  When I heard chattering I looked up at the eaves.  There was the female, watching me, most of her body draped on the eave, her head and forearms over the ledge.  “Hello, you” I said.  We held eye contact for less than a minute then she turned toward the open area at the top of the eave.  When she was halfway there, the male iguana came out and moved quickly toward her.  She turned around and tried to get away.  He was too fast.  He grabbed her behind the neck and gripped her shoulder skin in his teeth.  As he commenced to mount her, I said in a very strong loud voice  “Leave her alone!  She doesn’t want it!”  The two of them froze.  He let her go and turned around and retreated toward the opening behind him.  He froze a foot from the opening.  He knew I was watching him.  The female nodded her head toward me, then crawled into a small space above her.  She curled up there for a moment, then stretched to crawl on the boards above the male and disappeared in front of him.  The male stayed there for a few more minutes, then languidly moved out of my sight.

Two days later I was on my deck doing Table Talk, an exercise taught  by Pietro in the ARC  course.  My task was to address a difficult part of myself while being in my Authentic Self.  We had separate chairs to sit in, each representing  different facets.  I tried to center solidly and closed my eyes while in the chair for Authentic Self.  I breathed slowly, feeling the energy align from earth to sky along my central channel, and I asked for help to ground.  When I felt balanced and whole, I opened my eyes to address the recalcitrant part across from me. A slight movement caught my eye.  Behind that chair, stretched out on a tree limb, was the male iguana.  He was staring at me.  I stared back at him.  “You are my new power totem” I thought.  “I can use you when I need to ground.  Thank you.” 

Out on a limb

Three days later my roommate and I shared a sunrise ceremony with Rose, the hotel manager, and a local shaman.  While we waited for the shaman to light the coals for smudging, I told Rose that I had a new power totem.   “I’ve made eye contact with an iguana three times.  That means he’s a powerful totem.”  Rose said, “Oh yes, that’s Macho.  He’s quite the guy.  He’s always around.”

How fortunate for me that I have a raunchy male totem.  I can use that energy in my life. 

My research of the iguana as a totem resulted in this description:  ‘an ancient one who is little understood.  Patient, gentle, kind and understanding.  Lives near water and is fond of going swimming.  Will die if confined.  “The benevolent dragon.”   Also:  “Cold-blooded, thus adapts to his surroundings.  Likes heat and shade.  Can drop 40-50’ from trees and not be hurt upon landing.  Close to the earth, likes going out on limbs of trees, eaves of cabanas.  Patience and adaptation to surroundings.  Compassion and understanding.  Confidence and arrogance. Omnivore.”   … “Enter the dream state.  Pay attention to the unconscious as presented in dreams.  Patient unfolding of direction.  Tough hide protects him from attack. ”

It’s all good!  Let the blessings come.

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I attended an ARC course called The Traveller’s Guide to Presence from March 8-21 at Mazunte Beach, Mexico.  I’ve been home for a week and have landed, more present and happy for the two weeks away.  I had a great time, and will post a few pictures to show you how beautiful it was.  We stayed at the Hotel Arigalan.  Pietro and Melanie Abela taught the course, based on the second draft of Pietro’s book describing ARC Bodyspeak foundations.  It was a great course and I experienced much growth on personal issues.  Here I went mostly for the weather, a winter break, and to satisfy my desire to go to Mexico with friends.  The course was a bonus!   I will describe more aspects of the program in upcoming posts, but for now, just appreciate the beauty of the place.  Here’s the view from the deck of Unit 9, the nicest room in the hotel.

view from Unit 9 deck

Mazunte Beach, Hotel Arigalan

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       I attended a symposium called Awakening the Dreamer: Changing the Dream on Saturday, Jan. 30.  This workshop featured videos, activities, small group sharing, and time to reflect and dream.  This symposium was initiated by Lynn and Bill Twist and the Pachamama Alliance with the Achuar people of Equador.  The Achuar tribe challenges the western world to change the dream that we have been living under.   That dream has led to the destruction of their homeland in the rainforest, as well as the present state of the world. 

     The first video, Where Are We? showed photos from around the world to illustrate the widely disparate ways people and animals live, survive and die.  Its comprehensive overview packed a punch and left most of us appalled and discouraged.  We were guided through meditation to identify how this made us feel.  This process is so unlike most other workshops I really appreciated it.  By naming our feelings first to ourselves, then to others, the expression allowed us to move on.
       The next videos were How did we get here?  What is possible for our future? And Where do we go from here?  Between each of these videos we had time to reflect, own and express our feelings, and move on.   The mission statement of the Pachamama Alliance is : to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human existence on this planet.   Our planet is at the tipping point of climate change now.  Almost all animal species have shown a 90% reduction in the last century.  The only animal species that has increased is human beings.  We have only a decade to address this. 

       In groups of four we named our own unexamined assumptions that contribute to the present dire situation.  This part concluded with the statement  “The assumption that we are separate is the most serious assumption underlying our state”.  The goal is to merge the intelligence of the human mind with the wisdom of the human heart.  The human heart recognizes connection and oneness.  This is a significant step in Changing the Dream.  Our interconnectedness to all forms of life was stressed through video and meditation.  Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, authors of The Universe Story stated in the last video “We are the universe in the form of a human.  We are related to all things on the planet.  We are all part of one unified whole. “  These two scientists validated the knowledge that has accumulated amongst the audience.   Of course, the symposium attracted people who are already living this belief. 

      Is the present state of our world a hopeless situation?  Not when you consider how many organizations are currently working on the same goals stated in the mission statement.  One of the later clips was a list of those organizations worldwide.  It started off slowly enough I could read the screen, then speeded up.  I can’t recall the exact number (>1,000,000) but the narrator stated that if we were to read every organization’s name it would take us about 7 weeks of continuous viewing and reading.  There are so many groups working on these goals that anyone could find a group that fit her or himself. 

      What was particularly helpful was sharing what we were already doing toward  positive change.  At the end of the workshop people talked with those they wanted to join for further action.  The power of one is significant.  As Al Gore said, “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others”.

      As I write this post I see and feel the friendship bracelet on my wrist.  It is a gift woven by a member of  the Achuar tribe in Equador.  At the conclusion of the symposium all 30+ of us formed a circle, sang and danced.  Then we each received a bracelet as a reminder of our attendance.  We had to ask another for help in tying the bracelet, which is also significant.  The bracelet is permanently worn, until I choose to cut it off.  Some of the faclitators had 5 bracelets on their arms.  They are quite beautiful (both the facilitators and the bracelets).  

       In Energy magazine, a publication by Healing Touch Program, a group called the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) describes their research into global and personal energy fields.  They have set up the first of 12 stations worldwide to monitor the global energetic effect between people and the earth’s energetic fields.  For more information go to www.HealingTouchProgram.com , then click on Energy magazine.
       The GCI  is just one of the million organizations that are working toward the same goals as the Pachamama Alliance.  If you are one who also wishes to be a part, know how you want to live, then connect with like-minded people.  To know more about these symposiums, or to find the next one near to you, go to www.awakeningthedreamer.org  One of their handouts lists 20 websites for similar organizations.
       Be part of the solution instead of the problem.  Don’t be hard on yourself or others, and don’t give up.  Just embrace “blessed unrest” as Paul Hawkens stated at the Bioneers Conference.  You can learn about him and his book Blessed Unrest at www.bioneers.org .  

      I am so glad to be part of a conscious journey of life. I am grateful for my life, my connections, my family and friends.  It’s exciting to live at this time of history.  The more I learn the more frightened I become for the world, but on the other side of the coin of fear and despair lies hope.  Thank you to those who are facilitating these workshops. I’m really glad I attended.

Let the blessings come.

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