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Our Bodies As Energy 101

A course on energetic healing for beginners. 

 Sat., March 12, 2011, 9:30 – 4:30

Knox United Church – 506 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB

Early Registration price $40.  After Feb. 28, $50. 

Sponsored by Knox Centre.

Experience activities and discussion about human energy fields.

Sense your invisible bodies, which house your feelings, thoughts and soul.

Learn how to explain spirituality to your children. 

Lunch with vegan options included.

Register at shmontgo@telus.net or phone 403-246-2508

See also www.yourinvisiblebodies.com

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Four of us, Jeanne Watier, Helena Kalivoda, Susanne Alexander-Heaton and I met at Extreme Bean today for lunch.  We are four of the longest-serving members of Calgary Authors, meeting to talk about how the group is changing.  We looked at the vision statement from last year, and realize that some parts don’t fit.  With my upcoming move to Kelowna within the year, those three friends will be guiding the group, with help from Roger Joyeux, our web genius.  We have lost a few members who have moved away, gained new members, and we are excited.  So many ideas, wishes and dreams flowed as we brainstormed.  Many laughs.  Great sharing. 

Helena and I visited Self Connection books after to deliver more of my books and CDs, and talked to Pat Stefanson about using their space for our seminars.  That’s a great place, but the night we wanted was already booked.  Next I went to Our Angels Centre for Wellbeing, in Marda Loop, to see if they were interested in having our bookstand.  Most of us have our books at Our Angels, and Elle was totally open to it.  She even has a great spot for it, right in front of the window where people often wait in line for sushi next door.  Jeane and I will deliver the stand within the week.

The other synchronistic happening is that Our Angels was available on March 7 for the seminar with Lisa on Using Social Media.  So we don’t have to switch nights, just venues.  Watch for a poster and more information on that event.

After that I went to the Alexander Calhoun Library to ask them to put up a poster of The Creative Soul workshop that I’m giving with Carolyn Pogue on Jan. 29 & Feb. 5.  The librarian said, “Sure”, so now I’ll be getting more to the main library for dispersal to all the libraries. 

Spirit, you have been with each of us the past four hours … or is that the past 24 hours? … or maybe the last 24 days,  or years, or…  I phoned Jeane and Susanne to share the news, and we are all laughing.  It’s all good.  It’s all fast.  What a blast.  Gratitude abounds.

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On Saturday afternoon, Helena Kalivoda, Jeane Watier and myself presented a book talk to a small group of listeners.  Actually, I lie.  We had two people show up: my friend Peg Hofmann and Guy, who works at New Age.  We took the opportunity to talk with Peg and Guy, in an informal sharing and some reading.  It became a conversation between five interested people, not a bookreading event.  We need to find a way to market the conversations.  They are the most stimulating part.  Thanks to Guy and Peg, who asked deep questions and provoked new insights.  The readings Helena chose, by putting her intention on Spirit, turned out to be exactly appropriate.  So was Jeane’s pre-selected reading, as Peg is a musician and totally related to the description of the pianist experiencing her music.  Divine guidance all around. However, when I went to read from my FAQs, in the next room started up a small combo playing Christmas music.  If that was Divinely sent, I was not meant to read from Your Invisible Bodies.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all good.  A passerby noticed our poster outdoors and dropped in to meet us.  She is an artist, and was drawn by our poster, words and intention.  It’s all good.

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I will be presenting a four-hour workshop on Sunday Jan. 16, 2011 at Self Connection bookstore in Bowness. 


We will: 

  • Experience activities and discussion about human energy fields
  • Intended audience: adults who live or work with children
  • Curious adults are also welcome at this primer to energetic healing
  • Discuss ways to care for your invisible bodies, which house your feelings, thoughts and soul
  • Practice listening to the magic and power of your child’s voice

 Phone me at 403-246-2508 or email me at shmontgo@telus.net to register.

The cost is $30 and $45 for couples. 

Pre-register by Jan. 10, 2011.  Class size is limited.


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Four of us will be at Our Angels Centre for Well-Being this Sunday, November 14, from 1-4.  Roger Joyeux, Helena Kalivoda, Tina Thrussell and myself will read from our books.  We’ll be open to any and all questions about our books, our process as writers, how we came to publish these books, and what do we really believe – ACTUALLY.  When we held a similar reading at the Nan Boothby library in Cochrane, we had a great night.  It’s always good when I hear my colleagues read from their books and express their thoughts in such an intimate setting.  Quite inspirational in fact.

Our Angels is at 2009 33rd Avenue S.W., in Marda Loop.  The store has lovely gifts including special treasures for your friend who adores angels.  They also serve a wide selection of herbal teas, so come.  Sip, listen, muse and respond.  We would love to see you.  FREE!

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Waiting to Score

I read Janet MacLeod’s book Waiting to Score  over the weekend and loved it!  This YA novel has a 15-year-old hockey player as the protagonist, a new kid in town struggling to fit in despite a bullying team captain  threatened by his ability.  Zack Chase is a likeable hero, and the descriptions of high school living, teen parties, and small town power trips are dead on.  I’m so glad I won this book at the SCBWI panel last week.    If you have hockey players in your family, buy the book!  The on-line link has everything you need to know about ordering it.

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Up Close and Spiritual

Five of the authors in calgaryauthors.com read their books at Nan Boothby Library in Cochrane on Tuesday evening, Sept. 7.  Although the number of attendees was barely over the number of readers, the event was considered a success.  It’s not about quantity, it’s quality.  Our event was arranged by Brenda Mason, workshop leader and author of Transformation and The Weed at the Back of My Garden.   The invitation read : Calgary Authors is an engaging group of self-published authors who write about health, wellness and/or spirituality.  They offer a fascinating alternative perspective on the emotional, mental and spiritual growth of individuals and love sharing that perspective with others.  Join us for an inspiring night of readings and discussion. 

Reading our books were Beth Castle, Helena Kalivoda, Roger Joyeux, Jeane Watier and myself, Sharon Montgomery.  I always appreciate hearing these authors describe how they came to write their books, and how they have grown through the process.  We answered questions, heard stories and perspectives from the audience, and left inspired once again.  We grow richly through sharing ourselves in this way.  Our intention is also that those who attend will be heartened and strengthened in telling their own stories.   

We are very grateful to Terrance Haxton, the director of Nan Boothby Public Library, who advertised, attended, and supported us.  The Fireplace lounge at the library is a wonderful relaxing setting.  I used my Sacred Chakra Chimes to let readers know when their fifteen minutes were up.  Those lovely tones are much better than a buzzer!

CalgaryAuthors.com will resume meetings this Monday, September 13, at Calgary Co-op community meeting room, 506 16 Avenue NE in Calgary.  New members are joining us.  I look forward to hearing our stories as we check in after the summer’s absence.  I hope we will also plan more readings under the title Up Close and Spiritual.  We must do this again soon!

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Wishes Book Signing Not

When I arrived in Duncan on Saturday, August 7, I checked in with Jackie, the owner of Wishes gift&book store.  She wasn’t expecting me and explained that her store is closed on Sunday anyway.  So I didn’t have a book signing after all.  I hope if anyone responded to my posters that I emailed friends on the island, that they would check my website, or email me to find out what happened.  Live and learn!  Jackie said it wasn’t confirmed, only discussed.  So I’ve learned to follow up more promptly, and get things in writing, once they are agreed.

Meanwhile, I had more time to spend with friend Beryl at Maple Bay Marina on Sunday.  I joined her in a meditation group at Maple Bay in the morning, enjoying peace, quiet and community with 4 other women.  Then in the afternoon I blew up Beryl’s inflatable kayak, as she has had it for 2 years and not taken it out of the box.  She uses her regular kayak to paddle around the inlet and cove.  Fortunately she had an extra paddle and life jacket,  so suited me up and we had a wonderful time exploring the other side of the island.  A perfect place for a relaxing restorative day.  The sun shone,  jellyfish floated and pulsed,  herons watched, and gulls screeched and swooped. A very lovely time.  I have bought the kayak from her. 

Beryl also suggested a publishing house in the States that handles books like mine, and checking its website got me all excited.  I will just persevere to find a publisher to take on a third printing of Your Invisible Bodies. 

This morning in Victoria I visited Capital Iron and bought a few other supplies for camping.  I hope to play more up0n my return to Calgary, not take on more writing work.  I only want to write what I am passionate about.  Right now, playing is much more appealing than writing.  It is summer!

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Book Signing in Duncan, B.C. Aug.8

I will be at Wishes, a great gift & book store at 125 Station Street in Duncan.  Since I’ll be on Vancouver Island for 5-6 days, I wanted to check in with Wishes, who have carried my book Your Invisible Bodies for the past year.  Sales have been few, so it is time to promote the book more vigorously.  Wishes owner Jackie agreed to host me there, so I have sent many emails and invites to my friends on the Island.  I’ll be showing the power-point version of the book, reading a few pages, asking lots of questions to get people talking, and listening to their thoughts.  It should be fun – for me, at least – and hopefully engaging and interesting to my listeners.  Maybe a few old friends will show up — and maybe I’ll make some new friends.  We start at 2:00 p.m.  on Sunday, August 8, so join me if you can.

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Check out the pictures and post on Owls Nest bookstore to see what Calgary Authors have been up to.  Such great energy! Eight members of Growing Past the Edge read at a Wine Pairing event last week.  The folks at Owls Nest had fun too!

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