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The Sleeping Buddha

This book was written by Hamida Ghafour, a Canadian journalist who was born in Afghanistan. it is sub-titled ‘The Story of Afghanistan through the eyes of one family’. I had started to read it a few weeks ago. Then President Joe Biden announced last week that he was bringing the US. troops home from Afghanistan. It’s the end of a twenty-year commitment, and has been called by some to be war, by others rebuilding, by others an occupation. I knew my knowledge was incomplete, and largely informed by American news media. So i have finished reading it today, and I have learned a LOT! Hamida Ghafour was sent by a U.K. newspaper to report on the situation in Afghanistan in 2003.

For the next fourteen months, Hamida travelled in her native country, interviewing a wide diversity of people, meeting relatives barely known but often described by her parents, and describing the country after 25+ years and viewing the devastation. This complex land and its inhabitants are proud and gracious, determined to preserve their county despite foreign powers and wars. The first three chapters describe the history prior to invasions by Britain, Russia, and America. The Coalition of nations that commit to rebuilding the country face challenges that can only be understood after learning about the culture and history. An excellent read! Much to think about!


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Finding Time To Write

Finding Time To Write, and then What?

It took me a long time to check emails today, and I didn’t even get to writing the piece I earlier intended. A phone call at 11:30 ended my computer time. I would much rather talk to a real person instead of ‘working’ on the computer.

I was delighted to submit an article to the Pari Centre a month ago, for inclusion in its June newsletter. I contributed a few comments during the Q&A time during their sessions on Synchronicity. So now I have written an article entitled “Synchronicity, Risk, and the Tarot”. Once it appears, I will post it to this site.

I also am working on my memoirs, but I plan to write them primarily for my daughter. I doubt that other people will read the memoirs! However, it’s a good thing to occupy my mind during the pandemic. Besides, I am old. It will be part of my legacy for my son, daughter, grandkids, and great-grandkids. I would like to find other places to submit articles. Maybe even poems. Perhaps some of the songs I wrote for the Raging Grannies years ago.

I will keep trying. As my friend said on the phone earlier today, “It’s better than the alternative.” So we keep on carrying on.

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