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A song about being old during a pandemic

By Sharon Montgomery

(tine: My Favourite Things)

Oh to be aging with Covid nineteen,  So many challenges often unseen,

Wearing a mask when you’re leaving the house!  I think it’s easier just to de-louse!

Then we could spray and be spared from the mask,

Why keep complaining? the younger folk ask,

You can stay home while you’re feeling frenetic,

Aren’t you just griping about this pandemic?

I wear hearing aids!  And my glasses fog.

Yes, it makes me mad. 

I know for some others it’s easy as pie.

But sometimes I want to cry!

Pulling the mask strings right over my ears

Tangles the aids that assist me to hear.

As I keep breathing while wearing the mask

Warm air escapes and it clouds up the glass.

I sewed four much longer ties at the corners.

But tying them tightly just makes me forlorner.

My hair is longer than it was before,

So the knots mess up my hair, that’s for sure!

So I stay home!  I don’t mind it.  I can phone a friend. 

We visit and chortle and maybe complain,

Until we can wait again! 

So many factors of aging are showing,

Arthritic knees need a cane to keep going.

 Sometimes I hobble when leaving the car,

I move quite slowly, and I don’t go far!

My doctor tells me I’m really quite healthy.

I would be happier if I were wealthy.

Pensions are welcome; they help me to live,

And some day callers won’t ask me to give!

I can stay home.  I don’t mind it.

I can read a book.

Sure I am eighty but I’m also wise

And Covid nineteen’s no prize!


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Today I attended a lecture presented by the Pari Institute, where Remo Roth describes theories about synchronicity. Very interesting! He affirmed my journey, and provided an explanation which has been difficult for me to understand previously. I have had so many instances of synchronicity in my life that I cannot deny its power and providence. Despite initial difficulties on accessing a zoom link, I persevered and contacted the Pari Center, receiving help and a link to attend the meeting. It appears that when I registered for this in January, it didn’t go through and the organization had no record of my attending. I shall continue to attend these lectures, as I learn a lot. For once I didn’t give up. I persevered.

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