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Motivation To Write

This morning on The Morning Show (Global) I saw and heard a speaker talk about mental health in 2021. He had a few steps for living in ambiguous times like now. He talked about making plans, structuring your day into doable activities, and (most important to me) pursuing a hobby or passion. I realize that my initiation of a zoom talk-group is my pursuit of a passion. I joined yourtango.com last week, as it is an online publishing company (?) that seeks authors who will submit articles to their newsletter. It cost enough that it convinced me to take my writing more seriously, and to write in a more disciplined manner. Of course I have known for years that is my problem I easily give up and I don’t persevere. I make excuses for myself: I’m too old. I’m too tired. No one cares to read my thoughts anyway. Why bother? Why not just relax and read another book? Then I realized I need to update my websites, and post more regularly to them. I have learned a lot during this solitary time. My partner and I are both learning how to navigate during our senior years. I read books, and wish I had been writing blogs about each one. At least I could be promoting other writers, if not myself. Will this blog even appear on my website? It is a new format to posting.


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