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I spend time each day reading a book, whenever I can.  I don’t consider a day well-spent unless I have read about an hour.  Of course, on the occasional days when I have two or more activities out of the house, I don’t read at all.  However, this is what I’ve read since Christmas:

Grace Lee Boggs: The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty First Century

Nevada Barr: Flashback ( another mystery thriller with Anna Page, Park Ranger)

Ian McEwan: Enduring Love (fiction, a puzzling style, based on a true story, & made me think a lot about love, obsession, and religiosity)

Plus my favorite magazines, Alberta Views (this issue about Alberta’s finances), the United Church Observer (always good articles), and History (the latest issue about 25 great Canadian women).  So life is good when I can read!

In putting these last books away on the shelf (I haven’t decided where they go next!) I saw a book I forgot to list in 2015.   It’s by Miriam Toews, and is entitled All My Puny Sorrows. It’s one of my favourite books of all time! 


Happy Reading!




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