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The Oil Man and the Sea

I have just finished reading The Oil Man and the Sea: Navigating the Northern Gateway by Arno Kopecky.  It was a Christmas gift from my friend Mary Nokleby, who recommended it after reading it herself.  Mary and I are part of a discussion group called Eye of the Storm and we’ve been debating the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and sustainability, and …. everything!… for over a year.  Now, this book shines a scintillating light on the land and waters of B.C.’s coast.  The people that Kopecky interviewed along the 4-month trip he and his photographer friend made on the sailboat Foxy are presented with compassion, humour, and great respect.  I am so happy that I’ve read this wonderful book.  It’s a new book, recently reviewed in AlbertaViews book review section.  Kopecky takes a very complex subject and makes it understandable.  He listens to the people of the coast, visits their villages, drinks coffee and beer with many, watches the sea, and is helpless before Foxy‘s mechanical breakdowns.   As a former BC-er, who lived on the coast for most of my life, I have allowed his comments and Ilja’s photographs to slip into my sub-consciousness.  I feel more whole than before.  I shall record parts of his words in future posts, but for now, I like one succinct thought in particular. The  Northern Gateway Pipeline is at least two things at the same time: economic piston & planet destroyer.  The people that Kopecky spoke to are >95% opposed to the pipeline and to oil tankers going along their coastline.  So am I.  It doesn’t matter if you are opposed to us activists and environmentalists, read the book anyway.  It’s a great read!


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I have just finished reading Cause for Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads by Bill Phipps.  It was published a few years ago, in 2007, by WoodLake Publishing.  Since Bill is the husband of my friend Carolyn Pogue, this is a book that has been on my ‘must-read’ list for some time.  Plus, I knew of Bill before I knew that he was Carolyn’s husband.  I was a trifle in awe of him, since I have heard about him for some years.  A former Moderator of the United Church of Canada, Bill has rippled a few waves in Canada and the world.  When I joined Presbytery some years ago, my minister introduced me to Bill and I was properly deferent.  Is that the word?  The one that means I deferred to him and respected him.

As important, I have observed Carolyn and Bill at rallies and talks for several years.  I envied them.  They seemed so happy together and so well-suited to each other.  They support each other in being who they each are, and they are proud of each other.  I wished I had a relationship that was so healthy.  It’s part of what led me to be alone for a few years.  Because I couldn’t have that quality of love and respect in a relationship, I also could not stay in my relationship of the time.  I saw what I wanted, and would not settle for less.  Better to be alone than to be in an unequal relationship.

So I shall write of ‘Cause for Hope’ on my other website, because there I have a section on Spiritual themes.  ‘Cause for Hope’ is a spiritual book, by a profoundly spiritual being.  Bill makes me happy to know him, and now I know him better.



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Happy New Year 2014!

I am learning a new task — adding pictures from Picasa into a Gallery and adding into my blog.  We shall see how long it takes!

Yesterday was New Years Eve and the hoar frost on the trees was beautiful.  I took pictures out my window, so hope that picture comes up.  Also, Deb & I went to the Fanning Centre to share a birthday/Christmas party with our friends.  I have a few pictures of that time also.

This is a new year, and it better be a healthier one.  After the four medical events that have kept me recovering for 6+ weeks each, I feel at least five years older than I did a year ago.  Now that Deb is working full-time she is exhausted when she gets home from work.  As well, working as a cook in a Care Centre demands working on days that others get off, plus she stands 8 hours on arthritic knees.  So we shall see how we can improve her life this year, as well as mine in getting healthier!

I had a wonderful dream last night, and wrote about it on my other website, YourInvisibleBodies.com.  It forecasts a year of positivity and healthy confidence.  We shall overcome! 100_9397 100_9396

Deb & Sharon Dec. 28 2013

Deb & Sharon Dec. 28 2013

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