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Another Health Challenge

On Friday November 29 I had a stroke, then spent the next week in hospital.  I was not severely affected, thank goodness.  Actually, thank God.  I was the fourth person in the stroke ward and the first person out, as I still had my mobility and my voice.  I would have been more scared if it was worse.  As it was, after initial thoughts “I’ve had a good life…”  etc I shook myself into  reality and decided I could and would improve.  I have a lot to live for.  I still have my health, but my priorities are fewer now.  First is my health, and my biggest challenge is to control dizziness and light-headedness.  My second priority is my home, which I love, and share with Deb, our dog Sage, and our lovebird Emma.  My third priority, and right up there with home, is my relationship with Deb.  We have lived together only a year, and so have many good years to look forward to.  I want to be in better health for our future years.  So I didn’t do Christmas cards this year. I did complete my Christmas shopping and sent the presents to my daughter’s place in Prince George.  I spent Christmas day alone, resting, and talking on the phone.  Deb got home from her workshift at the Care Centre early evening, and we shared a lovely Christmas meal.  I am starting to take more responsibility for cleaning and housework, but I still need day-time naps.  I tire easily, as my brain and body are still healing.  I am alive.  I am happy and realize how many good friends I have!  I have relinquished three volunteer jobs, and am glad there are others who will take over.  Deb and I have received a lot of support, and our families care about us too.  2014 will be a better year healthwise.  I shall look after myself, my home, and my relationships much better!


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