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I am surprised to see that I haven’t posted anything to this blog for almost a year.  When I wrote in July last year, I had no idea that my life would change so drastically.  I went to the coast and visited friends and family.  I attended the Raging Granny Unconvention in Victoria.  I got caught up with old and newer friends.  I was happy.  I had no intention of changing my life, even though it was often frantic and unfocused.  I liked my many activities: writing, singing with the Grannies, attending church, visiting friends, and being part of Calgary Authors, Knox Healing Touch, Calgary Presbytery, and Calgary Lesbian Seniors.  These four groups all met different needs and called me forward and outward in engaging with the world. 

I visited my old friend Deb, with whom I lived in 1974.  This was after I left my marriage and I was an emotional mess.  She was younger than me (still is), and after a year we went our separate ways.  We never lost touch for long however, and we never stopped caring for each other.  Well, there we were at lunch on Burnaby Mountain in August, both single and still both very fond of each other.   

Now Deb has moved to Calgary and we are living together again.  We are creating a new family with her two dogs, a lovebird, and my cat.  The moves were necessary because of the dogs, as they are too big for my condo.  I am renting my condo.  We rented a house temporarily while Deb looked for work, and now we have bought a house in south-east Calgary.  It is perfect for the dogs and us.  I have had less time to write, and much less motivation.  Now that we are settled into this new home, I have returned to this page.  I shall try to write more regularly.  My life has changed, grown deeper, more focussed, more relaxed, and I don’t feel driven anymore. 

After Larry Freeborg analyzed my fingerprints last fall, he said my purpose is: to overcome inappropriate surrender in relationship in order to become a messenger and a teacher in the school of Love.  In more detail: my Life Soul’s calling is: Through living with and embracing my challenges of inappropriate surrender in relationships I will excel and bloom at my life purpose of being a leader, doer, teacher and messenger in the school of love.   I also must own and embrace my wisdom and be willing to take risks.  I have done that this year.  It’s been an amazing year.  I have grown immensely because of this relationship, but am still the person I was when I first knew Deb 40 years ago.  She is mature but frequently shows her impish side, which drew me to her initially. This is an intensely affirming relationship.  I think we both had to grow up in order to be able to love each other now.  We share unconditional love.  She can get angry at me and tell me how she feels.  I can get angry at her and tell her how I feel.  It’s work, but it’s beautiful.  It’s our common destiny.  Spirit brought us together again, and we are very happy.


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