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Summer: the gathering time

It’s the last weekend in July and I’m trying to organize my thoughts about going away again.  I went to Kelowna for 5 days to be with Bob, Dina and Ben, then flew to Prince George for another 5 days to be with Lynne, Leo, Jesse, Faellen, Stephen, Dillan, Justin, and Ashlyn.  That’s my kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, for those of you who don’t know me.  I had a super time there.  Part of me wanted to be home, because I have been away a lot this spring.  However, if I want to see family, I need to go when they are not working or at school.  That’s the summer time.

I’ve been back home, in my condo, which I love.  I’ve lived here only a year, so I am still absorbing its geography into my sense of place.  When I return after time away, I’m always a little surprised to see it: big windows, airy open feel, warm inviting colours, ordered harmony with minimal clutter.  My cat Mystic loves it when I sit in the glider, for that’s when she comes to get loves, petting, and a brushing.  She also eagerly greets visitors to my home, because then we sit in the living room, and she gets loves and attention from someone else as well as me.  Mystic believes that visitors come to see her as much as me.  I’m sure she is right.

I’m heading to BC again in three more days, so will try to organize myself for packing.  This will be a diverse trip, combining visits to my siblings and cousins with delivering books to bookstores, as well as attending the Raging Granny Unconvention in Victoria Aug. 8-11, then visiting friends on the island, and hopefully working in a mentoring/coaching session in ARC Bodyspeak with Pietro Abela in Qualicum Beach.  So I have many aspects of my life to consider as I prepare to pack.  I am almost overwhelmed at the diverse and numerous encounters I will have in the next 3 weeks.  As my friend Jen said this a.m. “You will have to pace yourself.”  She is right. I had thought to meet her and another friend at the Calgary Folkfest this morning, but I am too overwhelmed by packing needs.  What hit me in the middle of the night was the need to renew a prescription before I leave.  I located my sleeping bag and air mattress in my locker last night, but still need to find my sit-upon (for the Folkfest) and my tent. The tent is only because when I visit my grandson in Kamloops, I need to find myself a place to stay.  I am comfortable camping, and have a tent & camping gear.  However, when I look at how full my car will be, I wonder if I should forget about camping and just stay in a motel.  I’m taking two boxes of my books, so I can deliver some to bookstores along the way.  I”m taking my Raging Granny hat & outfit, for the presentations.  I’ll offer my book for sales at the Unconvention too, as they have a table for grannies to pitch their products.  As well, Calgary Raging Grannies will be selling/displaying a collection of our songs, and I will also promote the book “Activism That Works”, which has one chapter on the Raging Grannies.

It’s a gathering time.  My cousins, 17 of us in my generation, will be meeting in Richmond for a potluck luncheon on August 2, and I’m excited to see them.  I haven’t visited my brothers and sisters for two years, and now I’ll see them plus a dozen more cousins and spouses.  It took brother John several weeks to find a date when we could all get together.  We are all busy people, and fortunately we have good health.  We can thank our parents for good genes.  The Montgomery genes – good health and stubbornness and confidence.  Thank providence – God – Goddess – Spirit – whatever one calls it — also.  We are truly blessed.

So I will go again, even though there is a large part of me that would like to stay home in my lovely condo and just hang out for the summer.  I’m not likely to get to Folkfest this year, unless I go tomorrow after church.  I can’t do it all though.  Some things can wait.  Fortunately my friend Janice has agreed to look after Mystic at her home.  My cat loves Janice’s place.  I’m not sure if it is the excellent attention she receives or the deep carpets.  Whatever it is, I won’t be concerned about leaving the cat.

So I shall go again because it is summer.  Summer is when we gather, when we re-connect and tell stories and claim our common herstory.  Summer is when we renew the bonds of caring, when we recognize each other’s growth, when we celebrate new births, and remember those no longer with us.  Summer is for sharing.  So I shall go again, and share.


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