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What a great book I signed out of the library last week!  ‘The Next Queen of Heaven’ is written by Gregory Maguire, the genius who wrote ‘Wicked’ and its sequels.  Since I’ve read two of his books already, it was easy to add this one to my stack.  It is not part of the Wicked series, but a stand-alone fictional novel.  Comedic, with very realistic and hilarious characters, and Maguire’s wry take on the idiocies of life.  It kept me page-turning during two days, and I was a wee bit late for Christmas dinner because I had to finish the book.  Maguire writes of a lustfully energetic teenaged girl, three gay singers, an appalling brother, nuns both old and younger, a youngest brother who loves to sing show tunes, a screwball mother who becomes even screwier after a fall and being hit on the head by a Catholic statue, and neighbouring pastor and priest.  Lots of scope in this delightful romp, set in a small town in upper New York state.  Jeremy really wants to leave Thebes!  The story has just enough human pathos and sensitivity to remind me of depth and passion, and I laughed out loud throughout the book.  This was a totally satisfying read.  Sign it out of the library, or buy it and start it on rounds among your reader friends.  I plan to do that myself.


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Yet Another Change

i finally uploaded my Christmas letter, all about tergiversation.  Here I am, two weeks after writing that, and I am still in Calgary.  New information, new situation, new condition.  Why, with all the certainty of booked flights to see my daughter’s family in Prince George, then my son’s family in Kelowna, am I still here?

I have shingles.  Monday morning I awoke with itchiness.  I was surprised to see a rash on my chest, and more surprised to see it still there after a shower and breakfast.  I went to my doctor, who took one look and said, “Shingles”.  Because my great-grandchildren have not had chickenpox, nor the vaccination for it, I chose not to travel and risk infecting them.  This is the first Christmas in 36 years that I haven’t been with my kids and their families.  What a drag!

Fortunately my pain level is not that of most people with shingles.  I seem to have a mild case.  I am amusing myself with TV programs, reading magazines and books, reading a free download for my new iPad2, and learning how to use my iPad.  I also finished a second draft of the novel I’ve been working on for 2 years, so that feels good.   I can walk outdoors, and now that I’ve passed the infectious stage, can see people.  I phoned my friend Beryl who has spent a few Christmases alone and received good tips.  I shall pamper myself.  I shall phone or email friends to let them know I’m in town after all.  This is just another lesson to learn: how to spend Christmas alone.

Yesterday I was depressed and bored.  I went out for a walk but realized the path was very icy, so I circled back around to collect my walking poles.  I don’t need to fall and break a bone on top of having shingles!  I will go for a longer walk today.

I am grateful that I have good general health and this is just a glitch.  The shingles will be gone in a few weeks.  I am grateful for my comfortable condo, for food in the fridge and cupboards, for phone connections with friends, for good books and a great library system, for my eyesight to read, for my hearing to listen to music, for my arms and hands that can feed myself, and even reach the itchy spots on my back.  Gratitude.  That is one of the lessons of the season.

So I have tergiversated again… what else is new?

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Merry Christmas, 2011


According to a recent  article in the Globe and Mail, the word for 2011 is tergiversate.  It means to vacillate, to change opinions, to change direction.  When I read this I struggled with the word and the concepts, but by the time I finished the article I was laughing.  So it wasn’t just me who experienced 2011 that way? !!

There must be many of us who lived 2011 bouncing between the horns of a dilemma.  For me it’s been deciding where to live.  I knew I was ready to sell my house and downsize to a condo. Where? In BC with family? Stay in Calgary with friends and familiar activities?  I eventually chose Calgary, despite being quite certain earlier that my destiny was in Kelowna.  How could my intuition be so wrong?  This whole year has been like that.  I have felt certainty in decisions, then changed them as new information arose.  Not unlike my responses to the Occupy movement.  The occupiers also have tergiversated, and now look for new ground – physically and psychically.

My realtor and I were amazed at the number of offers on my home that fell through – SIX! I became used to living with less as half my possessions were stored in a Big Steel Box for half the year.  I sold much at garage sales and on-line, feeling lighter and freer as possessions left.  My book, Your Invisible Bodies, has been in the hands of two different graphic designers.  The first one tergiversated and left the project after the proof needed changes.  The second one works slowly.  I have had to learn more patience.

My lovely condo meets all 10 criteria I gave my realtor.  I live at the highest point in Calgary, behind the ski jump at Canada Olympic Park.  Where I walk the views are fabulous! My new address is 2110 Patterson View SW, Calgary, AB. T3H 3J9.  I am very happy here.  I like curling up by the gas fireplace on cold December mornings.  I’ll be in Prince George with Lynne, Leo & grand-kids for Christmas, then spend a few days in Kelowna with Bob, Dina and Ben before returning home to Calgary for the New Year. 

May 2012 be a year with fewer fluctuations!  I pray the wild swings of 2011 will relax into peaceful quiet living with focussed growth.  I am old now, at 75.  My cat is only 2.  She joins me before the fireplace.  All is well.  I am blessed, and I am grateful to Spirit for guiding me through 2011.  My Christmas wish for you is that Spirit and Love will enfold you as you grow and live. 



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I have been busy as an activist lately, rather than working on my writing blog.  I have given several Healing Touch treatments, which are one-on-one (or two-on-one)sessions with people who have asked for help in reducing pain & speeding healing.  The other activity I enjoy is working with the Calgary Raging Grannies.  This balances out my healing work, because it is camaraderie with like-minded women who sing to bring about change.  I suppose it could be considered few-on-many, as it definitely isn’t one-on-one.  Sometimes we don’t know who will respond.  We are learning to videotape our songs, facilitated by artist/member Sandra Vida.  Her expertise and connections are enabling us to reach a larger audience.

Check out how much fun we are having!  This is the link:


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