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Settling In – what’s first?

the altar in my condo

heron guides the growth

When Myrna, Shirley and I collapsed onto the sofa on moving day, we faced the window and corner fireplace.  The mantle was empty and sterile.  Yet it could be a focal point for the living room.  What shall we put there?  Myrna suggested the bird, and went to her car to bring in the blue metal heron that I received as a gift several years ago.  We stood it on the mantle, and marvelled at its perfect setting.  Now a month later, I have added a few other items to the mantle.  It serves as my altar.

Setting up a sacred space in a new home is first.  Once the heron was in place, everything came together smoothly.  It’s been work, but my new condo is home.  I am settling in.



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