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The Futon and Generosity

Last week I needed to sell (get rid of) my futon, because there will be no room for it in the condo.  After checking the other ads on Kijiji, I found several futons advertised for free.  That prompted me to give it away, so I upgraded the ad to get more exposure and clicked on FREE.  Within an hour a man phoned to say  he would pick it up after 6:00 p.m.  When he didn’t arrive by 8:00 p.m. I contacted the next person on the list.  She lived nearby and came over first to look at it.  She liked it, so phoned her husband to come with the pickup truck.

While waiting, I asked where the futon would go. “To our cottage in Waterton.”  Well! Waterton is one of my favourite places in the whole world.  My first camping trip after two decades of ‘head-down’ living was to Waterton for a wondrous weekend.  I have hiked most of its trails, and would love to go back there.  When hubby arrived, he too was impressed with the futon & frame, and they agreed it was excellent quality.  He took it apart while I chatted with the woman about Waterton and the hikes we have both taken there.

As they were ready to leave, she asked “Are you sure we can’t give you something for this?”  I hesitated, thinking about my tight finances until the sale completes.  “No, it’s all right.  I checked the other ads on Kijiji and there were futons for free.  I’m OK with giving it you, because I needed it gone before the move.”

She looked at her husband, eyebrow rising.  She turned back and said, “How about if you stay in our cottage in Waterton for free one weekend?”

I was so floored it took me 2 seconds to respond.  “I would love that!”  We exchanged names, emails and phone numbers, and I will definitely take her up on her offer.

Spirit provides, and Spirit guides.  I’m so glad the first man who called didn’t show up.  Meeting this couple was literally a Godsend. Periodically I have doubted if I have been guided in the sale of my home, especially after all the incompleted offers.  However, events like this tell me that Spirit’s guidance is real.  All I have to do is follow my intuition.

Besides, generosity begets generosity.



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Since my book Your Invisible Bodies is once again being edited for another print run, I have the opportunity to make a few changes.  Lisa Arsenault, my current graphic designer, found a great photograph of an apple cut to show the core as a star.  I have written this text to accompany the photo.

The first time I saw the star inside an apple, I was surprised.  I was an adult and had always sliced an apple from the stem down.  I had no idea that if you cut an apple across the middle, you would see the core in the shape of a star. 

This showed me that when I do the same action over and over again, without thinking of other possibilities, I don’t learn anything new.  To cut the apple crossways is to think differently.  Testing a different possibility always brings new learning. 

Besides, the beauty of an apple is not its outer appearance.  You have to bite into it and eat it  to receive its goodness.  What is inside a living thing matters more than its outside.  It is the whole apple that feeds us.  The next time you eat an apple, pay attention to it and be grateful. 

What has made me so happy today is that I have a reason and timeline to write, rather than just pack boxes.  I’ve been working steadily at the packing, sorting, chucking, and cleaning.  Only three more sleeps until I move into my condo.  I don’t know how I have accumulated so much stuff.  Even though I feel the pressure of getting everything complete before the move, I have missed writing.  Fortunately I have my journal beside my bed, so use it every evening before sleeping.  Writing the text for the additional photograph has been a blessing.  I have meditated on the picture for >30 hours, so today it came together easily. 

Now I’m going to go upstairs and eat an apple.

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Preparing to Move #15

excellent condition - needs a home

Futon & wood frame

I’ve been so busy packing, sorting, throwing out, and cleaning that I haven’t had time to write on this blog.  It’s good to know what really matters.  I’ve also sold several items on Kijiji and have only my futon left of the big items.  In case anyone wants it, here’s the picture. I just checked the competing ads on Kijiji and have decided to offer this free.   Reply to shmontgo@telus.net or phone me at 403-246-2508.

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