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Another Showing, on June 30

My realtor called this afternoon to say a realtor wants to show the house tomorrow between 1 & 2.  So I will ensure it is clean and tidy before I leave for my 11:00 a.m. appointment.  I’ve started to clean this evening, concentrating mostly on the bathroom.  Then at 7:00 p.m. Marilyn called to say there was a request for this evening, at 7:30.  That was too much of a rush.  The good thing is that I didn’t know about tomorrow’s showing when I got home from errands. I made myself a strawberry smoothie, and set the hammock up in the back yard.  I actually took 15-20 minutes lying in the hammock, watching the clouds float across the sky.  I’m so glad I did that.  I needed to relax and enjoy my place.  I’ve left the hammock up, so the people tomorrow can see just how lovely this back yard can be.  I also don’t care if they put an offer on it.  I will be happy to stay here.  It is truly a lovely home.


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I have had three offers on my house, but none of them have closed.  The last buyer  cancelled, after signing the offer, and it was subject to financing.  He did not have trouble getting the financing, apparently.  He listened to his friends, for some reason.  Both the realtors are angry and frustrated at this.  Me too.  It is stressful putting your house up for sale.  It is stressful having to have it clean and tidy whenever I leave the house.  It is stressful having an offer and then looking for a condo that is affordable where I want to live.  It is even more stressful when buyers renege on their offers.  This has happened three times to me now.  Is it the house itself?  Sure it is an old house and has a below-standard height basement.  But this is a fine house for short people like myself.  Oh well.  Is there a spiritual message in all of this for me?

Perhaps the message is that I am not in control.  Or it could be that I am simply meant to stay here indefinitely.  It is a lovely house; comfortable, clean, roomy, bright, warm, ideal for my cat and me.  The reason I want(ed) to sell it is because I am tired of doing all the yard work and house maintenance.  Oh well.  I’ve been doing it anyway, because it needs it.  I want the house to look good, not only for a potential buyer, but also for me.  I have to live here until it sells.  This morning I ate my breakfast at the patio table in the back yard, enjoying the sun on my back and a slight breeze.  The grass is short (cut last night), the weeds aren’t too bad, and the poppies are in bloom.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I can be quite happy here for another year (or two or three even).  Before I move all my boxes and furniture back from being stored by Big Steel Box, I will paint the bedroom.  I’m tired of the yellow.  Light green comes to mind.

I will leave the house on the market for one more week, but till then I plan to relax and enjoy being home.  I had a super time in Kelowna last week, where grandson Ben celebrated his 5th birthday.  I’ll have pictures up in the next post.

I am not in control of my destiny.  I can’t make someone buy this house.  I am in control of how I react to outside factors.  Spirit sustains me, and helps me see how fortunate I am to have this lovely home.  I’ll stay here now.

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I attended a matinee concert this afternoon by two choirs: Up2Something and ShesUp2Something.  Wonderful performances,  well presented, and a superb selection of songs from movies.  I was impressed with the costumes and choreography, but they did not take away from the excellent singing.  I could understand all the words to the songs, so having 100 singers articulating so clearly was truly remarkable.  I didn’t know some of the songs in the second half, as they were from newer movies. The last three were particularly moving: Dry Your Tears, Africa (from Amistad), Earth Song (from the documentary film This Is it, and Proud (from the TV series The Biggest Loser).  Congratulations to all the singers.  You inspired the entire soldout house.

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