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Pre-sale frames & sun-catchers

I’ve just had the most dramatic demonstration of the power of asking for help.  I held a garage sale yesterday.  Those of you who have held garage sales know how much work it is.  I thought I could handle it on my own, but as the day neared, I became more and more anxious.  Thursday night I couldn’t get to sleep, and wondered what I could do.  Friday a.m. I emailed the four groups I belong to : Knox Healing Touch, Calgary Raging Grannies, LSG at the Kerby Centre, and CalgaryAuthors.com.  I told them I needed help during the garage sale, and could anyone come for 2-hour shifts?  I got at least one reply from each group, plus two friends (Jamie & Evelyn) who came over also.  Because my home had an Open House with my realtor from 1-3 in the afternoon, the house had to be clean.  Margaret came at 8:00 a.m. and helped clean the house, despite being allergic to cats and dust.  She also staged the house for the showing, and it looks great!  Now all I have to do is keep it that way!

Helena helped Margaret in the house, and tackled the back porch especially.  It was a real mess, and now it is tidy and clean.  Daffodils from my garden brightened two rooms, and when my realtor arrived she couldn’t believe how good it looked.  Outside at the garage sale, Jeane pounded in Garage Sale signs at either end of the lane, and greeted people as they arrived.  She made several good suggestions about staging the carport to draw people in, and thanks to her the place looked pretty good!   When this first trio had to leave for other commitments, Del arrived, and helped sell and greet customers for the next two hours.  Jamie arrived before Del left, which was good because Del wanted to meet this cat-sitting woman prior to her travelling in the fall.  Penny arrived before Del left, and Evelyn arrived the latter part of the day.  Everything worked smoothly and perfectly.  I am so grateful for their willingness to help and their capable energy. 

I sold 3/4 of the stuff in the garage, about $200 worth.  So it was well worth doing, despite the full week of preparation.  It’s been a major step along the journey to moving into a smaller place.  We enjoyed great conversations with customers, sharing many stories and personal history of some of the items.  Les’s gift to me of the outdoor Christmas six-pointed star elicited three similar stories.  We had people of all ages and backgrounds, and what needed to go went. 

I have learned that if you ask for help, you will get it.  Even at the last minute.  What goes around comes around, after all.  Spirit, I thank you for nudging these women to come at their particular times.  Thank you for guiding us all into a happy celebration of letting go and moving on.  Thank you for guiding our customers to the garage sale.  Thank you for sending a few people to see the house during the Open House hours.  May their presence lead to a buyer making an offer soon. 

May all of us learn to ask for help when needed.  Now I have learned that help is there for the asking.

Post sale frames & suncatchers


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