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My realtor Marilyn Modowan advised me to depersonalize my home before listing it.  So I have been taking down pictures from the walls.  The place looks so much cleaner and roomier!  However, the holes in the walls are a bit much so yesterday I filled all the nail-holes.  Today I sanded the spots, and checked my cans of paint to ensure I can touch up those spots.  I will need to repaint the hall and bathroom as there was one big edge patch job.  Fortunately I have half a can of that paint, a smooth pearly grey.  

The biggest challenge is finding places for the paintings to rest while people come to see the house.  I have three oil paintings by Phyllis Serota, and two of them will definitely go with me when I move.  I’ll see if she wants the third one back, to fit into her gallery as a retrospective.  It was the first one we received, and shows two nude women from the back, dancing on a beach in front of some pretty big waves.  Bright and colourful, this painting (2×3 feet) has hung above my bed for three decades.   It’s time to find it a new home.  Any takers?

Those were the days

Phyllis Serota's housewarming gift


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Our Bodies As Energy 101

A course on energetic healing for beginners. 

 Sat., March 12, 2011, 9:30 – 4:30

Knox United Church – 506 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB

Early Registration price $40.  After Feb. 28, $50. 

Sponsored by Knox Centre.

Experience activities and discussion about human energy fields.

Sense your invisible bodies, which house your feelings, thoughts and soul.

Learn how to explain spirituality to your children. 

Lunch with vegan options included.

Register at shmontgo@telus.net or phone 403-246-2508

See also www.yourinvisiblebodies.com

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Guided Meditation (for Mandate Worship Service)

            Throughout Jesus’ ministry he used study, prayer and meditation to grow closer to God.  In the following meditation it is our intention to grow closer to God by acknowledging that part of ourselves which is like God.  As we are part of God’s mystery, so also is God a part of us.  God is like an inner star, which grows stronger as we pay attention to it.  We pay attention to love.  We pay attention to Jesus, and we align ourselves with holiness. 

            Sit with your feet flat on the floor, and your back resting comfortably against the chair.  Close your eyes and be still…  Relax your body, and go to your holy place within…  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  As you breathe out, let go of worries or thoughts…  As you breathe in, imagine the light and love of God expanding your holy place within, until it shines like an inner star .

            Be aware of white light entering your body at the top of your head.  Let it come down behind your eyes, in a line through your centre… in the back of your throat… down to your chest… Notice your holy place becoming brighter and stronger.

            Feel the floor beneath your feet. Be aware of where the floor came from: perhaps a tree, or from rock, from soil, from the earth…  Celebrate your connection with the earth and be grateful for having a body which allows us to be alive at this time and place…  Feel your connection with the earth’s energy…  Allow gratitude to flow up your legs, into your torso and up to meet the white light within you…  Let that light flow outward in your body…  Become aware of your whole body as it fills with energy and gratitude…  Relax …  If there is tightness or pain, acknowledge it and let it go. 

            When you are fully relaxed and comfortable, notice the air on your skin… Notice smells and sounds… thank God and Love for filling your body and being with you… Thank your body for being you … When you are ready, open your eyes and be present here.

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