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Where do I start?  My realtor told me to de-clutter then phone her a week before I’m ready to list.  De-clutter how?  Do I just try to find places to store things until the house is sold?  Not very sensible.  My house is small, only 1059 sq. ft on the main floor.  The attic is already mostly a storage space.  So the point is to get rid of everything I don’t want to have with me in a smaller space, an apartment condo in Kelowna.  Getting rid of stuff. 

I’m starting with my two shelves of recorded videotapes.  They’ve taken up a lot of space in the last 20 years, and I haven’t played any of them for at least five years.  The recycling info list says there is no place for CDs or DVDs and doesn’t even list videotapes.  So it is the garbage pail and landfill for them.  I dare not look at the names as I load them up.  When I see ‘The King and I’, or ‘Guys and Dolls’ or ‘West Side Story’ I will try hard not to relive dates at the theatre, or cozy evenings in front of the TV.  I will not read the titles.  I shall empty the shelves in the cupboard unit below the TV, and carry bags of old videos to the garbage can.  Farewell sweet memories.  Farewell all you Skate Canada tapes: from Kurt Browing, Brian Orser, the 1988 Olympics, Elizabeth Manley, Brosseau & Eisler, and several other Olympics since then … into the landfill with you.  You will remain in my memory, but not my cupboard. 

This is really hard.


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Four of us, Jeanne Watier, Helena Kalivoda, Susanne Alexander-Heaton and I met at Extreme Bean today for lunch.  We are four of the longest-serving members of Calgary Authors, meeting to talk about how the group is changing.  We looked at the vision statement from last year, and realize that some parts don’t fit.  With my upcoming move to Kelowna within the year, those three friends will be guiding the group, with help from Roger Joyeux, our web genius.  We have lost a few members who have moved away, gained new members, and we are excited.  So many ideas, wishes and dreams flowed as we brainstormed.  Many laughs.  Great sharing. 

Helena and I visited Self Connection books after to deliver more of my books and CDs, and talked to Pat Stefanson about using their space for our seminars.  That’s a great place, but the night we wanted was already booked.  Next I went to Our Angels Centre for Wellbeing, in Marda Loop, to see if they were interested in having our bookstand.  Most of us have our books at Our Angels, and Elle was totally open to it.  She even has a great spot for it, right in front of the window where people often wait in line for sushi next door.  Jeane and I will deliver the stand within the week.

The other synchronistic happening is that Our Angels was available on March 7 for the seminar with Lisa on Using Social Media.  So we don’t have to switch nights, just venues.  Watch for a poster and more information on that event.

After that I went to the Alexander Calhoun Library to ask them to put up a poster of The Creative Soul workshop that I’m giving with Carolyn Pogue on Jan. 29 & Feb. 5.  The librarian said, “Sure”, so now I’ll be getting more to the main library for dispersal to all the libraries. 

Spirit, you have been with each of us the past four hours … or is that the past 24 hours? … or maybe the last 24 days,  or years, or…  I phoned Jeane and Susanne to share the news, and we are all laughing.  It’s all good.  It’s all fast.  What a blast.  Gratitude abounds.

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This is the first of several posts prompted by my decision to move to B.C. at the end of the school year.  Even though I retired from teaching ten years ago, I still think of years as September to June, not the calendar year.  I will move back to B.C. because I have a four-year-old grandson I want to be closer to as he grows.  When my older grandsons were born I was working and living in Calgary, far away from their home in Prince George, B.C.  I never had much time with Riley and Jesse as they were growing up, and I don’t want to miss out on Ben’s childhood years. 

The realtor told me in September to start getting rid of stuff now.  I have been gradually putting items in the recycle cart, each week adding stuff I kept with the thought of possibly needing them ‘some day’.  One of the first items was underlay that was rolled up in the storage nook in the attic.  The only time I used that good grade underlay was to cut a few pieces to make an exercise mat.  I had no qualms getting rid of that.  The underlay, not the exercise mat.  Although not used often,  the mat’s cheery fabric invites me to dream of yoga and pilates, maybe with the exercise ball. 

The hardest cleaning out so far has been going through my file boxes of resources using the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory.  I studied the MBTI in the late 80s, becoming qualified to administer it in 1988.  I developed several workshops for teachers and parents, and was very involved with the Calgary Chapter of the Association of Psychological Type.  For almost a decade I attended monthly meetings, served on the executive, planned programs, networked with professionals city-wide, and even had a 3-year stint as Secretary for the Canadian region of APT.  I loved the people I met through the MBTI, and I was fascinated by the field of study.  I used the children’s version of the MBTI, the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC) at schools for 15 years, working with teachers and parents to understand their children and their learning styles.  I developed a model for lesson and unit planning called “Covering the Bases by Teaching to Type”, and presented a workshop on that at several conferences as well as local P.D. days.  So many memories arose as I was sorting out the box of files that I was overwhelmed. 

I had to get rid of it.  I’m not doing the MBTI anymore.  Since retiring I’ve been writing instead of  giving workshops on personality type or learning styles.  I didn’t continue to upgrade my qualifications, and my material is all 15 years old.  I would not be able to use them now.  The  resources are irrelevant and my knowledge is no longer current.  I felt really sad as I sorted through the files and filled two plastic milk boxes with paper and cardboard to be recycled.  Sad that part of my life is over.  Sad to say farewell to my former professional image and reputation.  I am irrelevant in that field now.  I let it go 15 years ago. 

I was depressed the rest of that day.  Is this what awaits me as I sort through more stuff?  I have been in Calgary for 28 years and in this house, my home, since 1986.  It is crammed with stuff.  I have already sorted through feminist archives and sent some to the Women’s Studies Department at the University of Victoria.  That brought a twinge to my heart also. 

Cleaning, sorting, and letting go.  That will be a huge part of my process in the next six months.  I’m sure there is a god or goddess of letting go.  What I’m feeling seems archetypal.  Well, maybe just deep.  I’ve pushed my former passion for personality type and Jungian theory to the nether-realms of my consciousness.  I have paid little attention to what I formerly loved.  I had to own it again, before I could throw it out. 

I actually had tears running down my cheeks as I did this work.  What am I saying good-bye to?

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