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On Saturday afternoon, Helena Kalivoda, Jeane Watier and myself presented a book talk to a small group of listeners.  Actually, I lie.  We had two people show up: my friend Peg Hofmann and Guy, who works at New Age.  We took the opportunity to talk with Peg and Guy, in an informal sharing and some reading.  It became a conversation between five interested people, not a bookreading event.  We need to find a way to market the conversations.  They are the most stimulating part.  Thanks to Guy and Peg, who asked deep questions and provoked new insights.  The readings Helena chose, by putting her intention on Spirit, turned out to be exactly appropriate.  So was Jeane’s pre-selected reading, as Peg is a musician and totally related to the description of the pianist experiencing her music.  Divine guidance all around. However, when I went to read from my FAQs, in the next room started up a small combo playing Christmas music.  If that was Divinely sent, I was not meant to read from Your Invisible Bodies.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s all good.  A passerby noticed our poster outdoors and dropped in to meet us.  She is an artist, and was drawn by our poster, words and intention.  It’s all good.


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