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Family in Prince George

I could sing the song “I’ve Been Everywhere” today because it’s the last full day of my trip.  I head back to Calgary tomorrow.  It’s been great to reconnect with family and friends.  My kids and their families live far enough from me to make it a trip to see them.  Lynne, Leo & Jesse in Prince George shared a super weekend with me at the end of July.  It was great fun to visit with Leo’s daughter Faellen & hubby Stephen to celebrate Stephen’s 35th birthday at their cottage on Aleesha Lake.  Their kids, Dillan, Justin and Ashlyn made me smile a lot.  Here we are:

My daughter and her grand-kids

There was a picture of me with them, but that doesn’t matter.  Lynne and Leo are doting grandparents.  They’re having the most relaxing summer, as they’ve been away, parenting is easy now (Riley & Jesse are adults), the new floor has been laid, the vegetable garden is producing wonderful food, they play on many lakes, and they are very happy. It was wonderful for me to share a few days with them.


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Wishes Book Signing Not

When I arrived in Duncan on Saturday, August 7, I checked in with Jackie, the owner of Wishes gift&book store.  She wasn’t expecting me and explained that her store is closed on Sunday anyway.  So I didn’t have a book signing after all.  I hope if anyone responded to my posters that I emailed friends on the island, that they would check my website, or email me to find out what happened.  Live and learn!  Jackie said it wasn’t confirmed, only discussed.  So I’ve learned to follow up more promptly, and get things in writing, once they are agreed.

Meanwhile, I had more time to spend with friend Beryl at Maple Bay Marina on Sunday.  I joined her in a meditation group at Maple Bay in the morning, enjoying peace, quiet and community with 4 other women.  Then in the afternoon I blew up Beryl’s inflatable kayak, as she has had it for 2 years and not taken it out of the box.  She uses her regular kayak to paddle around the inlet and cove.  Fortunately she had an extra paddle and life jacket,  so suited me up and we had a wonderful time exploring the other side of the island.  A perfect place for a relaxing restorative day.  The sun shone,  jellyfish floated and pulsed,  herons watched, and gulls screeched and swooped. A very lovely time.  I have bought the kayak from her. 

Beryl also suggested a publishing house in the States that handles books like mine, and checking its website got me all excited.  I will just persevere to find a publisher to take on a third printing of Your Invisible Bodies. 

This morning in Victoria I visited Capital Iron and bought a few other supplies for camping.  I hope to play more up0n my return to Calgary, not take on more writing work.  I only want to write what I am passionate about.  Right now, playing is much more appealing than writing.  It is summer!

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