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Book Signing in Duncan, B.C. Aug.8

I will be at Wishes, a great gift & book store at 125 Station Street in Duncan.  Since I’ll be on Vancouver Island for 5-6 days, I wanted to check in with Wishes, who have carried my book Your Invisible Bodies for the past year.  Sales have been few, so it is time to promote the book more vigorously.  Wishes owner Jackie agreed to host me there, so I have sent many emails and invites to my friends on the Island.  I’ll be showing the power-point version of the book, reading a few pages, asking lots of questions to get people talking, and listening to their thoughts.  It should be fun – for me, at least – and hopefully engaging and interesting to my listeners.  Maybe a few old friends will show up — and maybe I’ll make some new friends.  We start at 2:00 p.m.  on Sunday, August 8, so join me if you can.


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signing poster -TheArtWeAre

The good news is that I phoned Cristina, owner of TheArtWeAre in Kamloops yesterday, to see if I could read and sign books when I visit Kamloops next month.  Cristina has carried my book for a year now, and this will hopefully draw in a few readers & healers to meet me.  She was happy to agree – how easy!  So I drafted this poster, which you can see if you click on it.  I joined Twitter an hour ago, then read how to link this site to my tweets, and voila!  It’s all doable.  I can learn.  I hope to see my friends in Kamloops, and especially my grandson Riley Seniunas.  I don’t know if he’ll be able to take time off from his tattoo studio on Victoria Street, but I will definitely connect with him later.  It’s time to get an airbrushed tattoo of a dragonfly.

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The Lilith Fair

I recognized Colbie Caillat's songs

I sat in the east stands – a long way back
Kate Morgan

Last weekend I went to the Lilith Fair in Calgary and had a super time. The singers were awesome, the weather sunny and hot, the crowds friendly and manageable, and the ratio of women to men  9-1.  How good is that!  Thanks to an acquaintance with an extra ticket I went in for less money than many.  Loved wandering amongst the crowd.  I liked four of the performers  on small stages early:  Sierra -?-, Kate Morgan, Frazey Ford, and Kate Miller-Heidke.  I happily recognized songs from Colbie Caillat and Erykah Badu.  My faves were Sugarland, Sheryl Crow, and Sarah McLachlan, who were the last women singing.  One drawback was not seeing the performers on the big video screen.  I guess they didn’t sell enough tickets to afford the link-up — too bad.  So I didn’t see their faces because I was far away and didn’t take my binoculars.  The sound was good though, so I loved it all despite the distance.  I sat next to comfortable women.   A very relaxed and energizing day!  I felt at least 20 years younger while there.  Now that I’ve taken a closer look at the top photo, I think it’s Cheryl Crow, not Colbie Caillat.   At any rate, this is the best photo I could get at that distance.  If you get a chance to go, take it.

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