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This weekend, April 16 – 18, I will be at the BodySoulSpirit Expo at the Big Four Building in Calgary.  It starts Friday evening and continues to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.  I will be selling my book Your Invisible Bodies at booth 95, right by the entrance to the lecture hall.  With me will be Helena Kalivoda, author of Awaken! and Susanne Alexander-Heaton, author of The ABC Field Guide to Faeries.   We will also sell 4 other books by members of  our collaborative marketing group, www.calgaryauthors.com .  Do come, visit, and look at our books. 

 Entrance is $12, and there are many interesting booths to explore.  You will be able to find all types of jewelry, crystals, scents, health juices & related products, water, coffee substitutes, books, art, fabrics.  If it’s experiences you want rather than products, you can get energy treatments (Reiki & others), readings from clairvoyants, Tarot readers, palm readers, and my favourite psychic Gloria Bieber, of www.lifeportraits.ca.  At Gloria’s booth you can have your aura photographed and read.  Gloria interprets the photograph for you and adds her own wisom to the reading.  Also look for Quantum Power Plates, which Renee Hamilton designs.  These beautiful plates can be used underneath a glass of water, tea, or even yourself (I stand on mine regularly) to raise vibrations.  

The BodySoulSpirit Expo also features people of numerous alternative health disciplines, so you can meet consultants, counsellors and practitioners of energy work, and find out about the many spiritual communities that offer workshops and study.  And of course you can talk with Susanne, Helena and I about our books and our writing.  Go to www.bodysoulspirit.com to find out who the main speakers are.   They offer free one-hour talks in the lecture hall as well as a few longer workshops for an additional fee. 

Attending the Expo will cost about the same as a movie.  However instead of being a passive recipient of someone else’s vision, you can expand your own vision through  fascinating conversations with a wide variety of people.  This is a chance to stretch your mind about what else is out there.  Really.  Come meet me!  It is  fun.


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My new power totem

While dozing in the hammock on the deck of Unit 9, Hotel Arigalan, Mazunte Beach, Mexico, I opened my eyes at the sound of chirping and skittering.  Tucked into the eaves above me  a creature looked at me.  It’s head  was like a snake’s, if a  large one.  Then it crawled below the ridge of the wall and curled sideways. It’s fat short legs ended in long splayed toes,  so I decided it was an iguana.  Too big for a gecko, the other creature that frequents the area.   It scrambled along the ridge toward the sunlit opening, it’s little feet  gripping the cement.  A few feet behind it, a larger iguana crept out onto the ledge and followed it avariciously.  It was twice the size, with sharp frills raised on its spine. I tensed.  Was this little one prey?  Would it kill it?   Surely it wouldn’t kill and eat something that large.  What do iguanas eat anyway?

The larger one sped up and grabbed the smaller one by the neck.  It mounted it and held its shoulder skin securely in sharp teeth while it struggled.  This large one with the spikes  was rough-skinned and dragon-like.  I watched the little one try to escape, but then it acquiesced.  Oh, they are mating, I realized.  The little one, obviously a female, shuddered in the grasp of the much larger male.  They both seemed aware of me watching them, as most creatures do when observed.  They freeze to try not to be noticed.  However, when I didn’t move to interfere, sexual urgency triumphed over fear and they continued his design.  The female shuddered then quietened, and after several minutes they separated.  The male moved into the sun streaming through the top corner, turned and looked at me.   Both creatures watched me, obviously concluding I was not a threat. They stayed still while I got my camera out of the room to take pictures, including the above one.

The next afternoon I was once again ensconced in the hammock, it being too hot (38 degrees C) to be in the sun.  When I heard chattering I looked up at the eaves.  There was the female, watching me, most of her body draped on the eave, her head and forearms over the ledge.  “Hello, you” I said.  We held eye contact for less than a minute then she turned toward the open area at the top of the eave.  When she was halfway there, the male iguana came out and moved quickly toward her.  She turned around and tried to get away.  He was too fast.  He grabbed her behind the neck and gripped her shoulder skin in his teeth.  As he commenced to mount her, I said in a very strong loud voice  “Leave her alone!  She doesn’t want it!”  The two of them froze.  He let her go and turned around and retreated toward the opening behind him.  He froze a foot from the opening.  He knew I was watching him.  The female nodded her head toward me, then crawled into a small space above her.  She curled up there for a moment, then stretched to crawl on the boards above the male and disappeared in front of him.  The male stayed there for a few more minutes, then languidly moved out of my sight.

Two days later I was on my deck doing Table Talk, an exercise taught  by Pietro in the ARC  course.  My task was to address a difficult part of myself while being in my Authentic Self.  We had separate chairs to sit in, each representing  different facets.  I tried to center solidly and closed my eyes while in the chair for Authentic Self.  I breathed slowly, feeling the energy align from earth to sky along my central channel, and I asked for help to ground.  When I felt balanced and whole, I opened my eyes to address the recalcitrant part across from me. A slight movement caught my eye.  Behind that chair, stretched out on a tree limb, was the male iguana.  He was staring at me.  I stared back at him.  “You are my new power totem” I thought.  “I can use you when I need to ground.  Thank you.” 

Out on a limb

Three days later my roommate and I shared a sunrise ceremony with Rose, the hotel manager, and a local shaman.  While we waited for the shaman to light the coals for smudging, I told Rose that I had a new power totem.   “I’ve made eye contact with an iguana three times.  That means he’s a powerful totem.”  Rose said, “Oh yes, that’s Macho.  He’s quite the guy.  He’s always around.”

How fortunate for me that I have a raunchy male totem.  I can use that energy in my life. 

My research of the iguana as a totem resulted in this description:  ‘an ancient one who is little understood.  Patient, gentle, kind and understanding.  Lives near water and is fond of going swimming.  Will die if confined.  “The benevolent dragon.”   Also:  “Cold-blooded, thus adapts to his surroundings.  Likes heat and shade.  Can drop 40-50’ from trees and not be hurt upon landing.  Close to the earth, likes going out on limbs of trees, eaves of cabanas.  Patience and adaptation to surroundings.  Compassion and understanding.  Confidence and arrogance. Omnivore.”   … “Enter the dream state.  Pay attention to the unconscious as presented in dreams.  Patient unfolding of direction.  Tough hide protects him from attack. ”

It’s all good!  Let the blessings come.

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