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I attended an ARC course called The Traveller’s Guide to Presence from March 8-21 at Mazunte Beach, Mexico.  I’ve been home for a week and have landed, more present and happy for the two weeks away.  I had a great time, and will post a few pictures to show you how beautiful it was.  We stayed at the Hotel Arigalan.  Pietro and Melanie Abela taught the course, based on the second draft of Pietro’s book describing ARC Bodyspeak foundations.  It was a great course and I experienced much growth on personal issues.  Here I went mostly for the weather, a winter break, and to satisfy my desire to go to Mexico with friends.  The course was a bonus!   I will describe more aspects of the program in upcoming posts, but for now, just appreciate the beauty of the place.  Here’s the view from the deck of Unit 9, the nicest room in the hotel.

view from Unit 9 deck

Mazunte Beach, Hotel Arigalan


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Beyond Eden at Theatre Calgary

If you haven’t seen the musical play Beyond Eden yet, you may be able to catch it before it closes on March 7.   It is wonderful – magical – thoughtful and based on a true story.     Written by Bruce Ruddell, Beyond Eden tells the story of a group of anthropologists and archaeologists who went to Ninstints in Haida Gwaai (formerly called Queen Charlotte Islands) in 1957, to remove the totem poles.  It has a stellar cast, moving story, lyrical music, brilliant lighting and sets, and is worth every penny you need to pay for a ticket.  I don’t know how many tickets may still be available.  Saturday’s matinee was sold out.  For tickets call Theatre Calgary at 403-294-7447, or ticketmaster 403-299-8888 or go to www.theatrecalgary.com

 I was so moved by this play.  It evoked memories of a too-short camping trip on Haida Gwaai some 15 summers ago.  More importantly, the mythology and message taught universal truths.  I was teary-eyed, of course, because that’s what good live theatre does to me. Not since I saw Angels in America several years ago have I been so affected by live theatre.  It stars John Mann, Tom Jackson, Jennifer Lines, with supporting actors/singers Andrew Kushnir, Cameron MacDuffee, Tracey Olson and Telly James.  Half the cast were native actors, which made it more authentic.   GO.

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