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How Faith Forms

I received a useful comment on the Orb post from my friend Marlene Hielema.  She stated that the orb appearing in my last post was light refraction, which professional photographers try to avoid.  It occurs when you point the camera at the sun.  Well, I know about that of course, and rarely point the camera at the sun for those reasons, but this time I didn’t think about it because of the cover from trees.  However, her comment did make me look at the photograph more closely.  She hated to burst my bubble (she is my friend more than my photographer), because I had attributed such comforting meaning to the orb.

However, my reaction prompted me to reflect on how faith forms.  In the absence of scientific explanation, or rational analysis, one attributes the cause of experience to a supernatural force.  This type of magical thinking leads rise to many erroneous beliefs.  It’s particularly relevant if one is in an emotional crisis, because magical thinking can help one feel less alone.  You will hold onto anything, and if it’s not scientific you’ll disregard the science and opt for magical thinking because of the comfort it provides.  That thought excuses us from having to delve deeper into how the world works.  The experience is not as important as the meaning one attributes to it.  If the meaning has an emotional connection, the experience and meaning is remembered and becomes a building block of character.  As long as the meaning we attribute does not support us harming another living being or upsetting nature’s harmony, it’s fine.  However, if our meaning allows or tells us to hurt another living creature, then it’s not fine. 

To follow this line of reasoning, perhaps my interpretation of “you’re in the wrong place at the wong time” to insects in my home is simply rationalization which allows me to step on them.  I deal with my discomfort in killing insects in the house by saying “Evolve” to them.  That’s magical thinking of an after-life and future incarnations — totally unproven scientifically, despite centuries of commonly accepted faith.  It then justifies my actions in being the “great deliverer” or “murderer”.  It’s also about boundaries with insects and my comfort at having them share my space.  What are my priorities?

Did Marlene push my boundaries in challenging my intepretations?  Well, she took a risk in telling me her truth.  I replied to her email saying “It could be an intelligent being” and perhaps both are possible.  Because I was shooting toward the sun the orb could be just light reflection.  But why does sunlight act that way?  In Roger Joyeux’s book The Story of Light” he describes light as energy (orbs are focused energy) whether from the sun or elsewhere.  Since light is part of All That Is and so are we, why couldn’t the light appearing in photographs be light just acting as light?  Perhaps it is saying “Pay attention to me!  There’s more here than you are aware of. Look up!  Look around!  Expand your awareness.  I’m coming in whether you want me to or not.  I’m here too.”  Light is light.  It has its own power. 

 Check out Roger’s book for a deep explanation of how light works.  It sold particularly well to customers with a scientific bent at the recent BodySoulSpirit Expo.  Also read “The Orb Project” by Ledwith & Heinemann.

If Marlene rightly explained the science I can accept it and say thank you, and not argue with her or defend my earlier interpretation.  But to the orb in the photograph I can also say ‘Thank you” for being there and for giving me assurance at a time when I needed it.  My mind can interpret phenomena as I see fit.  It’s my choice.  Just “Do No Harm”.


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