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This orb appeared in a photo taken along Karst Springs trail. 


      Karst Springs is my favourite of all hikes in Kananaskis Country (west of Calgary, AB) .  I met other members of  the West Winds Outdoor Club at 8:00 a.m. last Wednesday, and we drove 2 hours to arrive at the trailhead.  The  beautiful drive included a magnificent mountain highway, on which we saw a healthy young black bear lumber across in front of us.  This first bear sighting of the summer reminded us to stick together on the trail.  
      After we turned onto the gravel Smith-Dorien road, we spewed dust behind us, and slowed when we saw a couple on a tandem bike ahead.  They were definitely doing the climb the hard way!  A young moose lowered its head as we drove past,  then on the return home we saw six young mountain goats.  They scampered up a vertical cliff with sure feet and solid drive.
      Despite the beauty of the drive, the best part was the hiking.  After parking at the Trailhead, some distance past Engadine Lodge, we hiked for almost two hours on a wide forest trail.  The trail is used by cross-country skiers during the winter months, so we easily walked 2-3 abreast, getting to know each other and appreciating the beauty around us. 
When we reached Watridge Lake we had lunch, marvelling at the clear water in the lake.  

The trail to Karst Springs lay at the eastern end of the lake.  Two of us had hiked there before.  Desite the other hiker’s  reluctance at the steepness of the hike, I urged the rest on, for I knew what lay ahead.

We crossed the marsh on a boardwalk, then started to climb.  As we walked higher the stream beside us increased in sound and volume.  Moss-covered rocks sit in the stream, and many logs and tree trunks span it.  None were inviting enough to cross to the other side, however.  We took many pictures.  One fellow insisted his wife take his photo with him riskily balanced on a log.  I took a photo of his wife taking the photo, and there is an orb in this one too.  It’s not as clear as the first photo (top) , but if you look carefully, there it is.

The biggest surprise lies at the top of the trail.  The stream, which pulses and rushes to the marsh below, starts from a spring that pours from the side of the mountain.  The water is calm, so the well must be deep.  Then it spills onto the stream course and plunges down over rock and logs.  Here’s the sign that explains the geological formation:

 And here is the spring itself:

The first time I was here, about 20 years ago, I was in awe.  I felt I was touching the Source.  I stayed longer than my hiking mates thought appropriate.   I was deeply moved, then as now.

So what does it mean that two of my photos have orbs?  Well, having read the Orb Project, by Micael Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann, I am convinced, like them, that the orb indicates the presence of an intelligence that simply says “I’m here too.”  It is benign.  It blessed me, and my hiking buddies.  The orb tells me that I am part of a mystery, which is dynamic pulsing energy. 

No matter what happens in the coming weeks and months, the presence of the orb will sustain me, and all around me.  May you find peace and joy in the coming days, and live in the light and love of divine energy.

This may be my last entry for a time, so if you visit again, just re-read this.  I’ll be back in Calgary in November.


Along the trail to Watridge Lake

Along the trail to Watridge Lake


Watridge Lake

Watridge Lake


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For the second time at the BodySoulSpirit Expo a group of Calgary authors are making waves of a different order.  These self-published authors present their books on spiritual themes as a collective called Growing Past the Edge. Their sign reads ‘ For those who question what they’ve been taught, these books will challenge conventional thought.’  These authors collaborate on marketing, and since collaboration is one wave of the 21st century, they are on the leading edge. 

Themes of the beyond abound in their books, which are:

The Story of Light by Roger Joyeux
Awaken! by Helena Kalivoda
Life’s Song: a novel pased on the Law of Attraction by Jeane Watier
Transformation: Using the Law of Attraction to Transform Your Life by Brenda Mason
Sometimes I Fly: Poetry of the Heart and Soul by Fred Elford
Your Invisible Bodies: a reference for children and adults about human energy fields by Sharon Montgomery
Your Feeling Soul by Mark Omeara

The genres include fiction, non-fiction, prayers, poetry, and a children’s book, with at least two claiming to be channelled from angelic entities.   All have been divinely inspired.  This is another wave of the 21st century, for these authors have put their money where their beliefs ride.  Sometimes intensely personal and at other times abstract and theoretical, these books bare the authors’ souls and experiences to readers and sceptics alike.  Baring  souls is a part of society’s growing reach toward Spirit (or whatever IT is). 

The third wave of this century is being available and findable on-line.  To that end these authors set up www.calgaryauthors.com which links to their separate websites and previews their books.  Just as important, this weekend Calgarians and other visitors to the Calgary BodySoulSpirit Expo at Stampede Park have the opportunity to engage in conversations with the authors.  Come to the Growing Past the Edge booth September 18-20.  Look at the books and ask questions.  This is a chance to share the journey!

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Calgary Pride Parade Sept. 6, 2009

Calgary Pride Parade Sept. 6, 2009

What a great day! Calgary Raging Grannies were delighted to be this year’s parade marshalls for the Calgary Pride Parade.  Perfect weather, disco music, three cars to carry us down 8th Avenue to Olympic Plaza, lots of colour, tons of pride… what more could you ask for?  After a few speeches at the Plaza we sang 3 songs: our Jazzy Intro, Treat Us the Same, and Going to the Chapel.  People were wonderful with their applause, and we had a blast!  We are honored to be part of the parade.  Here we are left to right: Lynn, Susan, Sandy, Randie, Linda, Penny, Sharon, Donna, Marina, OJ.  A few of us rode in the cars and four of us strutted behind the lead car, where Penny sat in the hatchback space.  Disco music played from the boom box of the lead car, so the beat helped us dance down the street.  Randie stood up through the sun roof of the second car.  Randie and Sandy twirled rainbow umbrellas, all of us waved our signs and twirled them so the slogans on both sides could be read.  We received lots of cheers and waves along the way.  A very happy day.  We’ve come a long way from the gay rights action of the 70s!

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