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‘Your Invisible Bodies’ feedback

I’m thrilled to receive new comments about my book for children, Your Invisible Bodies.  My friend and colleague, Carolyn Pogue, has sent copies of the book to several well-placed friends, including those at Wood Lake Publishers (Kelowna) and Jayne Whyte, who works at the Calling Lake Retreat Centre in Saskatchewan.   Coincidentally, Jayne and I met two decades ago, via mutual friends.  I sent her a copy of my book, which arrived the day after Carolyn’s email about it.  So she was well-primed!  This is what arrived from Jayne two days ago:

So many people are not aware of the energy fields that surround us.  Your book helps those who know and don’t have the words… I hope those who have the words will look for the experience…I do feel you have added to an understanding of our world and our bodies and all that surrounds us as energy.

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.

Jayne also stated : I’ve determined that there is a conspiracy in the universe
and it is in our favour.





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A Living Wage in Calgary?

On Wednesday the Finance Committee of the City of Calgary met to discuss, among other things, three options for a living wage.  Members of the public were invited for their input, given five minutes each.   I went, advocating for Option 3, which was that the city would pay a living wage to employees of private businesses under contract to the city.  This would show real leadership, in my opinion.  Most of the other presenters agreed with Option 3, but at the end of the day, all the committee agreed to was Option 2.  This was  to research what it would cost the city to pay not only their permanent full-time employees a living wage of $12/hour,  but also their temporary part-time employees (code 81/86).  As I said at the close of my presentation, Option 1 showed maintenance, Option 2 shows responsibility, and Option 3 shows leadership.  Apparently our aldermen aren’t willing to risk raising the bar, even though these recommendations have been in the works since 1993.   Still conservative and money-conscious, they don’t get the big picture.  Paying a living wage would eventually result in better health and stability for Calgarians, too many of whom work at minimum paying jobs, not even earning enough to rent a place to live.  As a city, we can do much better.  The number of working poor who use homeless shelters in Calgary is appalling.  At the committee meeting,  I was backed up by Calgary Raging Grannies, as we sang our opinion about living wage.  We call it “The Gap’s Too Wide”.  Chair of the committee, Alderman Ric McIvor, tried to stop us from singing, but we sang all 4 verses despite his miked protestations.  Later, the clerk came to get a copy of our song and our names, to add to the proceedings.   This is what we sang:

(tune: The River is Wide) {for Living Wage gig March 11/09} L26b
The gap’s too wide from rich to poor
In Calgary, this is for sure.
Will we ignore what we can do?
It may be up to me and you.

This city has its millionaires
Whose money grows with grand affairs.
A living wage will spread the wealth.
And help our city’s general health.

Will Calgary reach out to give
A plan to those who simply live
The best they can with so little dough?
The youth are suffering, you know.

For if we fail to make a start
Then we deny hope in their heart.
Will Calgary now see the light
That living wages are what’s right?

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Ghost Writers in the Sky

I’m excited to be collaborating with 3 other Calgary authors to present a book talk on March 9th.  As I belong to the Knox Writers Circle, at Knox United Church in Calgary, the Writers Circle is sponsoring this event.  It will be wonderful, judging from our three planning meetings. The poster can be viewed at :



These are the authors and their books:

Carolyn Pogue, After the Beginning and A World of Faith

Coral Sterling, Redefining Religion for Our Modern World: Can We Find a Balance?

Lorna Rowsell, Eve Returns Adam’s Rib

and my book, Your Invisible Bodies

The panel will be moderated by Dan Moulton, the Youth Minister at Knox United.  We start at 7:30, with refreshments served by the Knox Writers Circle.  Admission is free.  This promises to be an interesting evening.  Our theme is: Four Calgary authors share their books, passion and spirituality.  The evening is intended ‘for those who question what they’ve been taught, five books that challenge conventional thought’.  It’s a coffee house atmosphere, with folks sitting at tables, drinking tea or coffee, and nibbling on goodies.

Knox United Church is at 506 4th Street S.W., Calgary, AB.  (corner of 6 Ave and 4 St.)  Free Parking is available on the street after 6:00 p.m., or in nearby parking lots.   Come join us!

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